F.E.A.R. Features


First encounters of the third kind.

F.E.A.R. factor

Hands-on with the PS3 version.

F.E.A.R. The Future

Hands-on with the 360 port and PC expansion.

Feature | The FEAR Effect

Lead designer Craig Hubbard explains his phobophilia.


Supports arguments both for quick-loading and looking beyond Hollywood.


We go hands-on with the single-player portion of Monolith's John Woo-inspired action FPS.

Feature | F.E.A.R And Loving In San Francisco

We grab an exclusive one-to-one interview with Monolith's technology chief Kevin Stephens about the most exciting first-person shooter of the year.

Feature | Setting the scene for F.E.A.R

We talk to Monolith director of technology Kevin Stephens about the inspiration for F.E.A.R, the strength of the technology, the fate of Lithtech, next-generation kit. Action!

F.E.A.R Multiplayer

We go hands-on with the multiplayer aspect of Monolith's action-horror FPS. Sorry: Wooooooy geeeooooooh hhhhuuuunddsss-oorrrrrnnnn wiiii-- you get the idea.

F.E.A.R Single-Player

It stands for First Encounter Assault and Recon. We mention that now because it's not one of the factors that contribute to this being the most promising PC FPS of 2005...