Fatal Fury Special (Live Arcade)

Fatal Fury Special

Fatal Fury Special

With combo rice.

There are some things you just have to be confident about. Situations where you have to choose one or the other, or be forever painted as a wishy-washy fence-sitter. The Beatles or Rolling Stones? Spectrum or Commodore? Salad cream or mayonnaise? These things are important. Here's another for the list: Street Fighter or Fatal Fury?

Back in the day, most casual observers probably assumed Street Fighter's franchise nemesis was Mortal Kombat, that big dumb American approximation of graceful 2D fighting, but it was always Fatal Fury, with Capcom and SNK locked together in a battle for the hearts of sprite-based brawl fans everywhere. It was a battle that spawned dozens of sequels across multiple formats, damaging the finger tendons of many youngsters along the way with fast-paced combo gameplay, but ultimately Street Fighter won out. At least in terms of public recognition.

Though the series hasn't been seen since Mark of the Wolves in 1999, the Fatal Fury faithful will probably still say theirs was the moral victory. Their franchise may not have earned itself a Van Damme movie, but at least the gameplay remained pure - and unsullied by Hollywood tie-ins.

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XBLA sale this weekend

Plus next week's games.

Microsoft is having a little car boot sale to celebrate US Labour Day this weekend, meaning we'll all be able to download four Live Arcade games for half price.

Fatal Fury heads to XBLA

Part of SNK's TGS line-up.

Fatal Fury Special is set to make its way to Xbox Live Arcade and will form part of SNK Playmore's Tokyo Game Show line-up next month.