Fat Princess News

Fat Princess patched with new map today

Also: it's ModNation Racers beta time.

Fat Princess gets patch and free map

Take a trip to New Pork City.

Demos galore line the PS3 Store

Katamari! FIFA! LBP! Fat Princess!

Titan busy fixing Fat Princess

"We have it largely addressed."

Home gets new MotorStorm functionality

Plus a Fat Princess mini-game with prize.

Fat Princess on PSN today, but no Trine

Sony predicts PlayStation Store update.

Fat Princess to cost 12 quid

Or 15 Euros to Continental types.

Fat Princess arrives this week

Her Royal Flabestry appears Thursday.

No Fat Princess this week after all

It's out "at some point this summer" now.

Fat Princess out in June

PS3 Ghostbusters demo post-E3.

SCEE working to get PSN titles ready

"It takes a while", Reeves points out.