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Face-Off: Far Cry Primal

Digital FoundryFace-Off: Far Cry Primal

A superb console rendition - but what does PC add to the equation?

Ubisoft's second Far Cry title on current-gen consoles adds plenty of visual extras over Far Cry 4; Primal is a better-looking game for its use of volumetric lighting, but also impressively upholds a sturdy 30 frames per second. Equally, there's a sense Ubisoft's comfort with the hardware is only growing at this stage, and the entire package is drawing much closer to a maxed-out PC experience. Even so, those running on higher-end GPUs reap a few enticing rewards here - and not just in the frame-rate stakes.

Clearly, the theme for Ubisoft's latest series instalment is refinement over revolution, and as such we see this Dunia-engine-powered title share many similarities with Far Cry 4. PS4 once again hands in a native 1080p image, while Xbox One's native resolution comes in at around 1440x1080, as before. The lack of straight geometric edges in this prehistoric world makes pixel-counting a challenge, but overall image quality is comparable to the previous game, and we see many of the same visual characteristics on each of the two consoles. Ubisoft's chosen anti-aliasing method once again appears to match HRAA, with a higher-precision implementation on the PS4 giving it a more pristine image.

Impressively, it's rare that Xbox One's lower resolution has a visible impact in play. Trees and foliage appear a little rougher, but elsewhere environmental details and the game's vibrant range of wildlife hold up well. Like its predecessor, Far Cry Primal adopts a soft-focus image where edges and texture details are smoothed over to a point, and here the extra per-pixel sharpness provided by a native 1080p resolution on PS4 doesn't hold as much of an advantage compared to other titles. The gain in clarity is perceptible with like-for-like shots, but thanks to Ubisoft's applied anti-aliasing, the gap is narrowed to a surprising degree in motion.

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