Far Cry Instincts

With the exception of a few characters from Far Cry 3 popping up in Far Cry 4's Kyrat, the general assumption is that each Far Cry game stands alone, lacking any significant narrative links. The thing is, I'm a massive Far Cry nerd and, after noticing numerous subtle details in Far Cry 4 that seemed to reference past games and characters, I decided to dig a bit deeper. After wading through the endless swamp of online speculation, I've got a pretty solid theory (I think) that not only ties the whole series together, but also points us toward a possible setting for Far Cry 5.

Far Cry Instincts

Far Cry Instincts

Will feral.

Far Cry Instincts' primal nature demands a dirty little soundbite. I'm going to try and resist that for as long as possible.

Here's some things I don't like to find in console FPS games: Controls that force me to play like Rambo in a neckbrace, strafing my crosshair over targets and reliant on auto-aim because actually pointing the gun is comparatively difficult; enemies who soak up bullets without flinching, while exhibiting all the tactical nous of a blind mouse in a snake pit; really obvious walls that funnel you toward the next explosion or healthpack; contrived special abilities held up like a big sign that says, "people think I'm all about the guns, but they don't know the real me"; gun emplacements; "clever" names for old things - if it's Capture The Flag, it's Capture The Flag. Oh, and seemingly inert objects which make me explode after I've just trawled through a scene stamping out all the obviously threatening bits.

Far Cry Instincts has all of these, and yet I actually really enjoy it. Hell, I enjoy it because of some of that stuff. How does that work then?

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Far Cry Instincts

Don't tell me what I can't do!

Writing about Xbox ports of PC games is hard. Well, it's not hard to do, but it is hard to start. Those of you who've played the PC version are always going to be skimming for the new bits, and the rest of you are going to want a full appraisal. Striking a balance is very difficult.

Far Cry for Xbox only

But only for time being.

Ubisoft has confirmed to Eurogamer that the console version of PC shooter Far Cry Instincts is currently only planned for Xbox.