Fantastic Four

Fantastic 4

Fantastic 4

Comic book capers with Stretchy, Fiery, Hulky and the fit one.

Like most people, we've long wished we had our very own superpower. It wouldn't even have to be a very good one, like flight or invisibility or laser eyes or any of that nonsense. We'd settle for the ability to tie our shoelaces just by thinking about it, for example, or stop cups of tea from going cold, or make the digibox receive an uninterrupted signal for more than seven minutes at a time.

But it's all just wishful thinking, especially the last one, so instead we end up playing videogames based around comic book characters - and generally end up disappointed, since they're generally a bit rubbish.

There are a few exceptions, of course (Spider-Man 2, X-Men Legends and the new Hulk game, to name but all of them) - but we're sad to report that Fantastic 4 isn't one of them. It's not a completely terrible game, it's just nothing special - yet another generic comic book/movie tie-in that will only please serious fans of the franchise, and bore everyone else within twenty minutes of play.

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Activision acquires Beenox

Fantastic Four dev bought.

Canadian developer Beenox Studios, creator of the Shrek 2, Tony Hawk's Underground 2 and forthcoming Fantastic Four games, has been acquired by publishing partner Activision.