Fallout Online News

Black Isle returns with odd crowdfunding pitch for post-apocalyptic strategy RPG

Pay for a proof of concept and to convince management to resurrect the studio.

Fallout MMO rights revert to Bethesda

Interplay nets $2 million pay off.

Bethesda loses Fallout MMO appeal

Interplay project can go ahead.

Bethesda denied Fallout restraining order

Court throws out action against MMO dev.

Fallout Online: Interplay in trouble

Financial strife could affect MMO.

Interplay: Fallout 6 could be ours

If Bethesda blocks Fallout Online.

Bethesda claims "Interplay is wrong"

Fallout MMO tussle heats up.

Interplay: Bethesda Fallout suit "absurd"

Legal wranglings over MMO drag on.

Battle over Fallout Online MMO rages on

Bethesda and Interplay still going at it.

Interplay: Fallout Online launch in 2012

Bethesda "miss a lot of the humour".

More Fallout Online art dribbles out

It really is alive, honest.

Interplay teases Fallout Online

Art and stories appear in newsletter.

Fallout Online seeking beta sign-ups

Interplay MMO taking shape?

Fallout lawsuit continues - Bethesda

Fate of Interplay's MMO hangs in balance.

Interplay claims 2012 beta for Project V13

The game that could be Fallout Online.

Interplay releases Fallout MMO art

They are making one. Honest.

Interplay's Fallout MMO on the ropes

As Bethesda attempts to terminate deal.

Bethesda may sue over Fallout MMO

Claims Interplay hasn't started work.

Masthead working on Interplay's MMO

It's Fallout. We know it's Fallout.

Fallout creator leaves MMO for inXile

"More stable" than Interplay project.

Interplay's Fallout MMO confirmed

Original dev Chris Taylor working on it.

Earthworm Jim, MDK and co. to return

Interplay confirms first targets.

Interplay readying fresh website

Looks like it's time for a comeback.

Interplay re-opens dev studio

Rummages around old portfolio.

Interplay plans Fallout MMO

Will revitalise publisher.

Interplay plans Fallout MMORPG amongst others

Herve Caen outlines the publisher's plan to enter the world of massively multiplayer online games.