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The best weapons in Fallout 4: Far Harbor

Sergeant Ash, The Harvester, December's Child and all our favourites.

There are two types of RPG players: those who want to be told a story, and the grinders - those on the endless hunt for marginally better gear. The former might class Knights of the Old Republic among the role-playing greats, while the latter would probably rather spend hours battling through the dungeons of Diablo 3.

How to get the Marine Armor in Fallout 4: Far Harbor

Perhaps the best armour in the whole game.

Before searching for the Marine Armor in Fallout 4: Far Harbor, you need to have reached the point in the quest Best Left Forgotten where our guide ends. Alternatively, take a look a the screenshots below and place some custom markers. Other than that, the only requirement is that you don't mind getting wet. The clue's in the name, really.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor guide

Quest walkthrough, how to get the Marine Armor, best weapons and more.

As if Fallout 4 wasn't expansive enough, the downloadable content pack, Far Harbor, delivers the biggest landmass Bethesda has ever created for an expansion. It takes us to an irradiated island based on a real-world place called Bar Harbor, Maine. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, it's the perfect setting for a self-contained story away from the familiar politics of post-apocalyptic Boston.

Digital FoundryWhat does it take to run Fallout 4 at 1080p60?

Digital Foundry's guide to the best PC processors and graphics cards for the Bethesda epic.

It's our contention that the best possible PC gameplay experience comes from matching both native resolution and refresh rate to your monitor. Right now, the most popular gaming display configuration features a full HD pixel-count running at 60Hz: 1080p60. On the face of it, Bethesda's Fallout 4 isn't the most technologically complex game on the market, and you can get some great results running on fairly modest kit - but hitting 60fps with a good degree of consistency is actually a substantial challenge.

Fallout 4 - cheats and console commands

Every known console command for the PC version of the game.

As with most Bethesda games that we can recall, there are a series of console commands you can apply to the PC version of Fallout 4 that will either help you out in combat, allow you to fiddle with the environments or - quite frankly - let you pretty much cheat your way through the game. To access the command menu, you'll first of all need to hit either the tilde or the @ buttons, the former of which is typically located beneath your Escape key, and looking a little bit like this: ~

Fallout 4 - Companions, Affinity and Romance

A handy guide to every Companion in the game.

As you play through the game you'll encounter various characters who can become your Companion on your travels, and help you out in the thick of battle. Not only that, you can also gain various bonus Perks by having them by your side. Here's a quick run-down of all the Companions you can access in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 - all Bobblehead locations

Where to find every Bobblehead in the game.

If this is your first time in a Fallout game, you may not be aware that there's a collection of Bobblehead items to be found, each one of which provides a hearty boost to a specific aspect of your character. The name of each one provides an obvious clue to which mechanic it influences, but how do you go about finding all 20 of them?

Fallout 4 walkthrough and guide

Our essential guide to Fallout 4.

The end days have arrived. The arrival of a new Bethesda game often signals an end to countless social lives, as hundreds of hours are hungrily gulped up by these broad and brilliant open-ended role-playing adventures. Fallout 4, Bethesda Game Studios' first game since 2011's Skyrim, and a follow-up to 2008's much-loved Fallout 3, is no exception. In offering a vast post-apocalyptic Boston with which to sculpt your own stories, this promises to be an epic like no other.