Fallout 3: Broken Steel Features

FeatureNatural Born Killer

Part 3: End of the line for our adventures in genocide.

Welcome back to Alex's attempt to kill everyone he encounters in Fallout 3. Everyone. Check out part one and part two of Natural Born Killer elsewhere on Eurogamer.

FeatureFallout 3: Broken Steel

The end of the end.

When it arrives on 5th May, Broken Steel will be the third piece of DLC released into the wilds of Bethesda's irradiated Washington. You'd think by this point the development team could have found the time to include that appearance by the mutated cast of the West Wing (chirpily arguing over seatbelt legislation or bludgeoning vagrants with radioactive trinkets) I've been requesting for so long now in the rambling handwritten letters I've sent them daily, but once again they've chosen to look elsewhere for inspiration.