Fable: The Lost Chapters

FeatureWhat's Fable really all about?

With a new game in development with a new team, what truly drives this fascinating series?

Good and evil is barely the start of it, frankly. Fable is one of those rare, fascinating game series upon which nobody can really seem to agree about anything for very long. It's a shallow RPG, or maybe it's a canny and satirical examination of RPGs in general. It's hilarious - oh, the burping! Or maybe it's just juvenile. Let's face it: Fable's easy to the point of being obsequious, isn't it? Or maybe it's choosing to measure itself in ways that go beyond mere difficulty? It's no surprise, then, that with all this discussion churning around it, the world of Albion is so often defined by a mechanic that it doesn't even contain.

In October 2008, Microsoft released Lionhead's Fable 2 to critical and commercial acclaim. At a launch party an emotional Peter Molyneux held aloft glowing reviews and praised the exhausted team of developers who had spent the previous four years pouring everything they had into the game. Fable 2 would go on to win a BAFTA and become the best-selling role-playing game for the Xbox 360. Lionhead was on top of the world.

Fable: The Journey domain registered

Along with three Kinect-themed titles.

Microsoft has registered Fablethejourney.org as a domain name, along with three other phrases which seem to suggest a bunch of Kinect titles is on the way.

Fable de-make to revive promised ideas

Yes, you can plant the sodding acorn.

The creator of a 2D Fable "de-make" has popped up a video of his progress and explained how he's incorporating systems from the first two Fable games - including some that were mentioned during their development but never made it in.

Lionhead's other new title

'Greatest game ever', says Peter.

Not content with the level of excitement stirred up by the announcement that Fable 2 is coming to Xbox 360, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has revealed that the studio is also at work on a game so good it will make you breakfast. Er...

Fable: The Lost Chapters

Fable: The Lost Chapters

It's okay. Jim's found them now.

Too many games forget to be playful. All too often they're over-serious, po-faced, or just don't get the joke. They're the kind of game that it's easy to laugh at behind its back. Come to think of it, they're quite often the games that lead us to bash the fantasy genre unfairly: because they really don't get why we find them pompous and embarrassing.

But a few games are a lot more self-aware, and Fable is one of them. It's a bit more likely to be one of your mates, and take joy in its antics. It'll have a laugh with you, and let you muck around. In fact, that's pretty much what Fable is about: messing around in fantasyland. Of course there's a big old backdrop of revenge and dark magic too, but Fable's real strengths are in the mass of splendid detail that you get to wade through like a fat kid at a food-fight.

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Fable's Lost Chapters find Xbox

PC redux of Xbox RPG coming to, er, Xbox.

Fable: The Lost Chapters will be released on Xbox as well as PC, Microsoft announced on Friday in a press release that got lost in the (e)mail.

Fable: Lost Chapters for Xbox?

The PC version of the Xbox version could come out on PC, apparently. Weirdoes.

Rumour has it that Fable: The Lost Chapters, the PC version of Lionhead's console RPG, could be heading onto Xbox too. That's Xbox "too", not Xbox "2". Although, now you come to mention it...