Fable Heroes News

Lionhead launches new Fable forums

Suggesting Molyneux's legacy is about to make a comeback.

Fable developer Lionhead has a new boss - and he's an MMO specialist

Former Cryptic CEO John Needham joins the fold.

The Walking Dead tops Xbox Live Arcade chart

Fable Heroes debuts in third, Awesomenauts in fifth.

The new Lionhead "more about lots of individuals"

Fable dev praises Peter Molyneux as "irreplaceable".

Fable Heroes Achievement list leaks

Locations revealed, chicken mini-game detailed, 400G to be won.

Fable digital shorts, tie-in novels announced

First book to bridge the gap between Fable 3 and The Journey.

Xbox 360 Triple Play promotion offering 300 Microsoft Points

10hrs of Xbox Live + 10hrs of iPlayer + 1 hour of Facebook = Profit!

Worldwide What Would Molydeux? game jam this weekend

The real Peter Molyneux attending London leg.

Peter Molyneux leaves Fable in "safe hands", say its creators

"He's one of the most misquoted guys I've ever come across."

Fable Heroes officially unveiled

Four-player XBLA game ties in with forthcoming The Journey.

Fable Heroes Xbox Live Arcade game revealed

Cartoony four-player hack-and-slash.