Fable III Videos

VideoFable III: Traitor's Keep trailer

DLC missions available now.

VideoWed Fable III characters in co-op

Nail down your pre-nup now.

VideoBecome a revolutionary in Fable III

Join the opposing force.

VideoEG Expo: Peter Molyneux keynote

The evolution of the Fable series.

VideoFable III - Kingmaker trailer

Make in-game gold with a mobile app.

VideoFable III to feature all-star cast

Pegg! Cleese! Fry! Fassbender!

VideoPlayer houses in Fable III revealed

Who wouldn't want John Cleese as a butler?

VideoUnboxing Fable III Collector's Edition

Extra content, packaging, playing cards, etc.

VideoFable 3's opening cinematic

Going feather than before.

VideoFable III villager maker

It's rather peasant.

VideoA first look at some Fable III gameplay

Swordplay, musketry and a little magic.

VideoFable 3 at E3

Do you like dogs?

VideoJohn Cleese as your Fable III butler

Developer diary explores his role.

VideoFable III announcement feature

Molyneux's next as ambitious as ever.