Fable III News

Fable developer Lionhead Studios to shut down

UPDATE: Fable Legends beta ends mid-April. Refunds to be issued.

Fable Trilogy confirmed for February

Includes Fables 2, 3 and Anniversary "at a discounted rate."

Microsoft details its Games With Gold initiative

A new free game added the 1st and 16th of every month.

Fable 3 is free from Xbox.com right now

UPDATE: It's part of Microsoft's new Plus-like initiative.

Lionhead launches new Fable forums

Suggesting Molyneux's legacy is about to make a comeback.

Fable developer Lionhead has a new boss - and he's an MMO specialist

Former Cryptic CEO John Needham joins the fold.

2K Games boss says photorealism aids diversity, Notch disagrees

Can games do nuanced emotion like Brokeback Mountain yet?

The new Lionhead "more about lots of individuals"

Fable dev praises Peter Molyneux as "irreplaceable".

Fable digital shorts, tie-in novels announced

First book to bridge the gap between Fable 3 and The Journey.

Worldwide What Would Molydeux? game jam this weekend

The real Peter Molyneux attending London leg.

Peter Molyneux leaves Fable in "safe hands", say its creators

"He's one of the most misquoted guys I've ever come across."

Lionhead job ad suggests next-gen activity

Microsoft studio wants DirectX 11, Unreal experts.

Microsoft was Fable dev Lionhead's "saviour"

Plus, why Peter Molyneux is "gold dust".

Fable 4 release date 2013?

Will be "proper, controller-based" sequel.

Molyneux "ashamed" of Fable III scores

Wasn't the game "I dreamed it would be".

Fable: The Journey domain registered

Along with three Kinect-themed titles.

Lionhead: Pre-owned worse than PC piracy

There's a new enemy number one.

Fable III PC to launch on Steam and GFWL

Pre-order bonuses revealed.

Fable III difficulty increased on PC

No longer fit for "a blind child".

Fable III PC system requirements

Will your Matrox Millennium still cut it?

MS doing more Fable, Halo, Gears, Forza

Has other "surprises" for E3.

Molyneux: "Sorry if I've over-promised"

Admits telling fibs to keep journos awake.

Molyneux: I need to prove I deserve BAFTA

Joining ranks of movie greats "just insane".

Keep Traitor's Keep for Fable III today

Judas pay and then download it.

New Fable III DLC announced

Plus, PC date finally confirmed.

Peter Molyneux a BAFTA Academy fellow

Joins Miyamoto, Hitchcock and Spielberg.

Influence next Fable in Lionhead survey

How important is Live co-op? The dog?

2010 the biggest year in Xbox history

"It's official," cheers Microsoft.

Fable III: Coin Golf announced for WP7

Game Room going mobile too.

Transform your Fable III dog

Change to poodle, doberman or alsatian.

Lionhead details Fable III patch

Game save and spawning glitches targeted.

PC Fable III still in the works

"Don't panic," insists Lionhead.

First batch of Fable III DLC dated

Understone unravels beneath Bowerstone.

Lionhead working on Fable III fix

Asks gamers to report any glitches.

Fable III atop of the UK chart

New: Star Wars! WWE! Sims 3! Rock Band!

Fable III UK launch night plans

Albion the train there.

Over 60,000 join in Fable III: Kingmaker

One million virtual flags planted.

New Fable IIIs unlock exclusive DLC

XBL redemption card grants goodies.

Fable de-make to revive promised ideas

Yes, you can plant the sodding acorn.

Axed Fable III Kinect content detailed

Lionhead ditched food fights, statue making.

Fable III has "huge decision" at start

Equal to one at end of Fable II.

Molyneux explains son's plea to Valve

"He's always talking about Half-Life 3."

Earn Fable III currency in phone app

Kingmaker launching on Friday.

Fable III Achievements leaked

Sex, chickens and democracy.

Lionhead working 10x faster on Fable III

Game bigger than Fable II "by a long way".

PC Fable III delayed

MS optimising for each platform.

Molyneux: Fable II was "rushed"

"Had huge design flaws."

Lionhead loves BioShock and Portal

Shining examples of storytelling.

Fable III demo in Brighton next week

Molyneux to offer exclusive glimpse.

Molyneux: Demos are "horrible"

Fable III episodes detailed.

Lionhead: Fable II's co-op "was rubbish"

It's OK, you can get married in the new one.

Fable III "first step" of big PC push

MS keen to promote Windows 7.

Fable III gets release date

Due out in late October.

Fable III confirmed for PC

Plus: Collector's Edition revealed.

Fable III box confirms PC SKU

Microsoft quick to hide evidence.

Fable III 'morphs' can be remapped

Turn your good or evil on or off.

Ben Kingsley to appear in Fable III

He will play a "wonderful wizard".

Fable III will have episodic DLC

And Natal not required, says Molyneux.

Fable III has no combat for 30 mins

Molyneux worried this is too long.

Molyneux is big fan of Heavy Rain

Reckons it's "the future of videogames".

Molyneux: Natal is bigger step than Move

Thinks Sony wand may be "for the core".

Natal is "wonderfully additive" to Fable III

But Molyneux still won't say how, exactly.

John Cleese to play butler in Fable III

He'll pick out your character's clothes.

Fable-branded condoms on the way?

Lionhead asks for merch suggestions.

Fable III has no experience, health bar

"Experience seemed 1990s" - Molyneux.

Fable III due out "this holiday"

Molyneux presenting at X10.

You'll be "pissed off" by Fable III reveal

Molyneux teases X10 demonstration.

Fable III to go on show next month

Better get going to San Francisco.

Lionhead showing Fable III next month

Two new videos will be released.

New Fable III art shows Bowerstone

A dark, smoggy, industrialised city.

Fable III Natal support confirmed

Molyneux after micro-transactions too.

Molyneux hints at Natal in Fable III

"Do you really think I wouldn't?"

Fable II dog saved due to hate mail

At least it wasn't a bloody petition.

Molyneux unveils Fable III for 2010

Become the ruler of Albion.

Lionhead reveal teased for gamescom

Che Guevara, a choice, the number six.

Marriage announcement outs Fable III?

This is getting a bit silly now.

Ross accidentally announces Fable III

UK broadcaster blurts news on Twitter.