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F1 Race Stars Preview: F1 Meets Mario Kart

You probably wouldn't know it for a sport that's fixated with technology and often obscured by politics, but Formula 1's really all about character. This is a sport that's always attracted larger-than-life personalities, from '50s aristocrats like the Marquis de Portago through the mischievous antics of Nelson Piquet and on to swashbuckling modern superstars such as Fernando Alonso.

With the hyper-stylised F1 Race Stars, Codemasters has allowed itself to make an official game where that character comes first. Here's the sport as you'd envision it after having an animated eight-year-old describe a weekend's action to you: colourful, exaggerated and with a cast of rugged superheroes playing out the action.

If you want an indication of how well Codemasters has worked the licence into a family-oriented affair you only need look at the reaction to the original reveal. F1 fans can be a tough bunch to please, ready to snap an arm at any perceived deviance from authenticity - so to see them embrace a game that owes more to Mario Kart than it does to Geoff Crammond is quite something.

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