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Codemasters confirms job losses, but doesn't expect Grid 2 and F1 series will be affected

UK publisher and developer Codemasters is currently in consultation with a number of staff who were told yesterday they were at risk of losing their jobs.

Codemasters confirmed to Eurogamer this morning that the proposed layoffs are not company wide, but internet reports suggest 80 people will be made redundant. A restructure of the business, with particular regard to publishing and digital, is ongoing.

A spokesperson for the company told us "it is not anticipated" that development of core PC and console games, such as Grid 2 and the annual F1 series, will be affected.

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F1 2012 review

F1 2012 review

Another Goodyear?

F1 hasn't been short of some sparkling campaigns since it slowly awoke from its Schumacher slumber, but 2012's has been truly special. Seven winners in as many races and a radical shuffling of the order has lent an air of unpredictability that's been absent in recent years; it's as wild as anything the sport's offered up since Prost, Lauda and Rosberg duked it out in 1982. And who knows - 30 years on and maybe the championship could still be won by an unconventional Finn whose sole win comes at the tail-end of the season.

A vintage year for the sport, then, and one that's worthy of a standout tie-in game. F1 2012's foundations are certainly strong enough to help it in its cause: when Codemasters took over the license it delivered, in 2010, one of the finest F1 games for generations. Last year's game was no worse, though it was only marginally better, a handful of extra multiplayer and some small aesthetic tweaks resulting in what felt like a minor update.

Judging from the front-end alone, F1 2012 is a radical departure. Gone is the virtual paddock of the past two HD F1 games, on loan from Dirt and Grid, and in its place is something far more pleasing. A virtual showroom that highlights the cars in all their gleaming glory, the menus are now more Forza than Formula One, though it certainly works. There's a premium feel to F1 2012, one that's befitting of a sport that breakfasts on champagne and caviar.

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EGXReal-life Formula One car at Eurogamer Expo

Plus playable F1 Race Stars and F1 2012.

As you may have noticed from the way Martin writes love letters to obscure corners at Spa Francorchamps at every opportunity or the almost sexual way that Oli and I tend to describe the tactility of simulated vehicular interaction with tarmac, we like driving games at Eurogamer. We especially like Formula One.

F1 2012 dated, trailered

Codemasters' F1 2012 has been dated and properly trailered with some fresh gameplay footage, with this year's official racer confirmed to be out on September 21 - just prior to the Singapore GP.

A new developer diary gives a swift runthrough of the features that adorn this year's model, including hot-laps with commentary provided by former F1 star and Toyota prototype driver Anthony Davidson, as well as a Young Driver's Test that works in place of a tutorial.

There's quite a bit more besides, which I ran down recently in our preview earlier this week. I also mistakenly had Maldonado down as a Colombian, when he is of course a Venezuelan - sorry about that, but I'm not sorry for pointing out that he's a bit rubbish.

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F1 2012 Preview: Title Challenge

FeatureF1 2012 Preview: Title Challenge

This year's model sees Codies reaching deeper than before.

Four years into Codemasters' tenure on the F1 beat, and it's become easy to take these games for granted - and just as easy to forget that even before the sport's three-year-long hiatus, the games it produced were all tainted with a certain mediocrity.

Both F1 2010 and F1 2011 halted that decline in some fashion, but now, for the third instalment in the HD series, Codemasters' Birmingham studio has to dig deep to deliver a new game that can justify its existence. F1 2012, the team believes, presents a much bigger leap forward than that seen between the previous two games.

It helps, of course, that it's going to be replicating what's been one of the more bizarre and quite often outright thrilling seasons that the sport has ever seen. F1's not been short of classic championships these past few years, and Codemasters was lucky enough to pick up the sport just as it was breaking out of its noughties slumber, but 2012 has rarely been anything short of spectacular.

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F1 2012 Preview: Staying on Track

FeatureF1 2012 Preview: Staying on Track

Codemasters' third outing sees F1 settling into its yearly groove.

It's easy to forget that, three years back, it came as something of a shock to see Codemasters forgoing the expertise of its racing arm and farming out its newly acquired F1 license to its newly acquired Birmingham studio, an outfit that in its previous life had made the ultimate guilty pleasure in 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand. Fiddy's game certainly had a taste for excess and a questionable sense of politics, but that's where any similarities with the F1 world came to an end.

Three years on and Codemasters Birmingham has established itself as one of the brightest stars in the fast-dimming world of racing games. F1 2010 and 2011 went on to receive deserved critical and commercial success, and can lay claim to being the best take on the sport since Geoff Crammond worked the beat.

Third time around, though, and there's a growing concern that perhaps F1 isn't a diverse enough experience to maintain the yearly churn that such a big sports license dictates - and perhaps Codemasters doesn't have same kind of resources to throw at the series as EA does with FIFA, making for a game that's in danger of getting stuck in its own pretty little rut.

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Codies looking to introduce classic F1 cars

"It won't be in 2012, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns up not long after."

Codemasters is looking into bringing classic F1 to its officially licensed take on the sport, saying that while it won't make the cut for this year's game it'll likely turn up soon after.

Codemasters announces Codemasters Racing label

Codemasters announces Codemasters Racing label

Operation Flashpoint KIA as publisher focuses exclusively on racing games.

UPDATE: Codemasters has been in touch to clarify its Codemasters Racing announcement.

Codemasters remains the name of the company. Codemasters Racing is a new label, which launches alongside DiRT Showdown, and will be the home of Codies' racing brands: DiRT, F1 and GRID.

ORIGINAL STORY: Codemasters is no more: meet Codemasters Racing.

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Codemasters unveils F1 2012

Codemasters unveils F1 2012

First details on this year's model.

Codemasters has officially announced that it's working on F1 2012, with the official game of this year's season coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

The announcement comes prior to the season's opening race in Melbourne (go Kimi!), and in the wake of Codemasters' announcement earlier this week that it's secured a multi-year deal to continue its partnership with the sport.

Though few details were announced on the game, Codemasters used the occasion to unveil one of F1 2012's Young Driver Test mode, a feature inspired by the sport's real-life testing programme for up and coming talent. It'll offer a tutorial through a young driver's eyes, going step-by-step through driving a car before players get the chance to try out for a seat in one of the teams.

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