F1 2010 News

F1 2010 iPhone edition announced

Time trial modes for micro machines.

Codies versus pre-owned game sales

Sell half a game in shops, the rest as DLC.

Codemasters talks up F1 2011

"We'll put a lot more into the game's design."

F1 driver uses videogame for practice

Tonio Liuzzi trains on F1 2010.

Codies: "Phoney" F1 2010 AI claims false

Issues led to "assumptions" by gamers.

F1 2010 corrupt saves fix promised

Codies confirms "issue is with development".

UK chart: F1 dethrones Halo: Reach

New: Dead Rising 2! FFXIV! Civ5! GH:WOR!

Codies trying to make Steam sell F1 2010

"We're most definitely on it."

Codemasters already working on F1 2011

Off-track side will be focus of improvements.

Codies explains download-only PC F1 2010

"Appropriate to market observations."

F1 2010 Codies' "biggest" release ever

Predicts two million unit global launch.

F1 2010 manual appears online

Shares details by the Hamilton.

F1 2010 given solid UK date

Not too Ferrari away.

No F1 2010 demo, says Codemasters

Deadlines mean "it will not be possible".

No Project Natal or DLC plans for F1 2010

Plus: will Virgin cars be able to finish races?

Indian firm buys half of Codemasters

Has "immense resources", says pub.

F1 2010's career mode detailed

Simulates drivers' life both on and off track.

F1 2010 due out in September

Massive Career mode, multiplayer.

Codemasters' F1 game not out till 2010

The PC, PS3 and 360 versions, anyway.

Codemasters snags Formula 1 licence

First title expected in 2009.