Extinction Squad

App of the Day: Extinction Squad

App of the Day: Extinction Squad

Death becomes herd.

Disaster! In an event worryingly reminiscent of M. Night Shyamalan stinker The Happening, the world's animals are leaping to their deaths. This time, however, it is dodos that are at the root of the problem: dodos that have been discovered and reintroduced to the wild by conservationist Chuck Darwin (think Attenborough on nandrolone). It's up to Chuck - or rather his pair of bandy-legged assistants - to bounce the suicidal creatures to safety using a trampoline.

In other words, it's the Game and Watch classic Fire with a few extra bells and whistles. And why not? Many iOS games look to the classics for inspiration, whether it be giving 8-bit ideas a graphical lick of paint, or offering a contemporary twist on arcade standards.

The guileless simplicity of Gunpei Yokoi's LCD creations lends itself well to a platform made for quick-fix gaming, and this is a smart update of the 1980 hit. I'm assuming it was a hit. Do you care? You don't care. Let's move on.

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