Excitebike World Rally

ExciteBike: World Rally

There's always been a beautiful simplicity to ExciteBike, and Monster's gentle remake hasn't muddled things up very much. One button means "go fast", another button means "go a bit faster", and that's about all World Rally has to say on the subject of buttons. The game's casually impossible tracks have laps, but no bends to worry about, and while there are other riders strewn across the course, they're obstacles rather than rivals.

In single-player, you race against the clock and the clock alone: you learn the placement of the jumps and mud flats, get to grips with a handful of very simple handling systems, and then you just bring it all together across the space of four different Cup runs.

Those systems are very simple, too. Using turbo too much will overheat your bike, forcing you to explode rather politely before returning to the race after a brief but extremely annoying time-out. To combat this, you must keep an eye on your temperature gauge as you fly along the track, while remaining on the lookout for cooldown strips painted onto the course itself, which will allow you to chain together long periods of boost if you're sufficiently skilful to hit them all.

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