Excite Truck

Excite Truck

Excite Truck

By waving at it.

All sports are rubbish. Football? That's crap. Once you've kicked the ball in the goal once, what's the point? Golf's even worse. You're allowed as many shots as you like. Don't even get me started on snooker. It's not just sports either. All board games ever are pointless. Babies are a waste of time. Self-betterment is an act of folly. The universe will stop expanding eventually and begin falling back in on itself, rendering all human endeavour meaningless, so why bother doing anything at all? There certainly isn't any point playing Excite Truck after you finish it. It's only incredible fun. Might as well throw it in the bin. You've finished it, after all.

Oh well, might as well explain it a bit. It's about maintaining ridiculous speed through hazard-strewn environments, skimming through the undergrowth, leaping miles into the air, and trying not to crash violently into trees. It's a bit like Burnout, really - designed to respond best to minor control adjustments, unhappy when it's thrown into wide, raging turns, but genuinely keen to give you a massive boost of speed every time you look like you could do with one. Unlike Burnout, however, Excite Truck is controlled by holding the Wiimote like the edge of a plate with a potato rolling around on top of it.

Yes readers, he's on about potatoes again, but then some of the Wii's best control schemes owe their quality to the stability of a horizontal grip and the fine, multidirectional adjustment this allows, and so I will cling onto my potato analogy until I can think of a superior vegetable. As to its bearing here, these excitable trucks may not behave the same way as Mercury's blobs, but they are best directed with the same delicacy, and noticeably similar in terms of their behaviour.

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Excite Truck PAL dated

Early next year. Sort of.

Those of you wondering where Excite Truck was at the European launch of Nintendo Wii have your answer: it was being held back until 16th February 2007.

ExciteTruck has MP3 option

Listen to your own tracks.

Rumours that Nintendo Wii launch title ExciteTruck allows for custom soundtracks have turned out to be true, with US review copies revealing the option.

Excite Truck

Show your Wiimotions.

Nintendo has created so many franchises over the years that it's been easy for a few to fall by the wayside. But if there's one thing Nintendo has learned with its recent reissues of classic NES titles on GBAe and the coming Virtual Console for Nintendo Wii, is that it's worthwhile to pay homage to their past. So it was with an almost reverent joy that I received the news that Nintendo is at least paying lip service to one of my most favorite, most forgotten NES titles on the Nintendo Wii.