Everybody's Golf 4

Everybody's Golf

Everybody's Golf

A rum game to challenge the Woods.

Strange as it may seem, it has taken Sony over a year to get around to releasing this 'new' version of Everybody's Golf. But if that seems tardy, then consider this: the third version never made it out here at all, meaning PAL gamers have been forced to endure a wait of over five years since the last game in the series was released on the PSone.

And now, unlike London buses (which arrive five at a time) we get two at once, having only just received the PSP version a few weeks ago. As you'll recall, we rated that as an 8/10, making it among the few must-have PSP releases, so it's hardly a great shock to learn that the 'full' version is every bit as compelling.

Having been denied access to the series for so long, the re-emergence of Everybody's Golf's light-hearted and back-to-basics approach to the sport is refreshing to say the least. While comedy golfers with big heads and witty quips might seem somewhat throwaway next to the majesty of Tiger Woods, it's a timely reminder of why realism isnít everything when it comes to producing an entertaining sporting videogame.

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