Every Extend Extra

Every Extend Extra

Every Extend Extra

Explosions for fun and profit.

There's a clear thread which runs through the majority of Q Entertainment's games - not in terms of the lush, club-culture influenced presentation, which is an obvious link, but in terms of the philosophy behind the games themselves. In a nutshell, Q builds games that are almost dramatic in their simplicity- each of their concepts hinges around one instruction so straightforward that you wouldn't be surprised to see it in a Wario Ware mini-game, and one basic germ of an idea which blossoms into complexity as the game progresses, without ever actually changing at heart.

Take Lumines; "make a square". Meteos; "make three in a row". You can even go back in time and apply the concept to some of Q luminary Tetsuya Mizuguchi's earlier games. Space Channel 5, for instance; "repeat the moves".

It's easy to see why the cult favourite Japanese freeware game Every Extend caught Mizuguchi's eye. It's got a concept as simple and as intriguing as anything Q has made to date - "set off a chain reaction" - and draws heavily on the still-vibrant Japanese shoot-'em-up scene for inspiration along the way. Brought under the wing of Q Entertainment, Every Extend has been ported to the PSP, gaining not only the Extra moniker but also Q's inimitable blend of music and visuals, new levels and bosses, and even a multiplayer mode. At heart though, the game retains the same structure - a simple concept with complex consequences - that has endeared Q's previous titles to the global audience.

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Lumines for PS2, new Meteos

BVG to publish Lumines II, Every Extend Extra, new titles.

After Sony and Ubisoft both denied they were behind Lumines II's reported presence at E3, Buena Vista Games has stepped forward and said it's publishing it - and three other Q Entertainment titles.