Every Extend Extra Extreme

Every Extend Extra Extreme

Every Extend Extra Extreme

Or E4. Which is a clue.

Hello, Eurogamer here. Yes, the website. Tom will be along in a moment. Before we begin though, a quick message for other websites! You know how I love you lot! And you know how we all love lists! With this in mind, if you are ever making a list of the most game-breakingly appalling and awful design decisions in the history of life, do remember to include the shield in Every Extend Extra Extreme. I'm sure Tom will explain why in a minute. Anyway, see you all next week for the badminton tournament, and maybe lay off Britney Spears for a bit - it's not like we didn't sell her the drugs in the first place.

[Tom realises what is happening and seizes control of the laptop, banging it up and down until HDD Protection is enabled. The uprising is over.]

Sorry about that, Eurogamery folk. I was busy playing Every Extend Extra Extreme. Well, I say busy. You're never particularly busy when you play Every Extend Extra Extreme. Reborn on Xbox Live Arcade after a divisive turn on PSP, it's sort of the opposite of a shoot-'em-up: you position your pointy cursor in the middle of the screen, wait until lots of ambling snowflake things converge on you and then press A to detonate yourself, creating a chain reaction. The longer it lasts, and the more ambling flakes join the chain, the more points you score. This being Q Entertainment, each point on the chain makes a noise, creating a sort of abstract dance music, and the whole thing looks like a firework show.

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Every Extend XBLA this week

Along with Speedball 2.

Every Extend Extra Extreme (E4) and Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe are this week's Xbox Live Arcade releases, and should be waiting for you to fling 800 Microsoft points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.30) at both of them this time tomorrow morning.

TGS: Xbox Live Arcade Roundup

Ikaruga, Every Extend Extra, Exit and more.

Tucked away on one side of Microsoft's genuinely very impressive TGS stand was a bank of four 360 demo pods exclusively devoted to Xbox Live titles. And when we say 'titles' we mean about 50 of the blessed things. Old stuff. New stuff. Indiscriminate stuff. It was like inviting round a mate who's been away for a couple of years and showing him everything he'd missed. Xbox Live Arcade really does have an embarrassment of riches now.

With so much going on at GDC last week, we almost forgot to tell you that Q Entertainment's Every Extend Extra is on its way to Xbox Live Arcade, so we're asking for a time extension - something the game would presumably allow.