EverQuest Next News

H1Z1, PlanetSide boss steps down following online harassment

John Smedley to take time off after a year of being targeted.

EverQuest Next prioritised but 2015 release unlikely

Building-game accompaniment EQ Landmark to take backseat.

Daybreak Game Company, formerly SOE, lays off several staffers

UPDATE: Studio offers its condolences in a new statement.

SOE has been sold off, can now develop multi-platform games

Studio rebranded as Daybreak Game Company.

Sony Online Entertainment closing MMOs, teasing new ones

Confirms EverQuest Next for PS4, considers taking on Hearthstone.

EverQuest Next a PC-orientated launch

Will there be a PlayStation 4 version?

Jeremy Soule: "Pac-Man will eat Mark Zuckerberg's lunch"

Elder Scrolls composer says "video gaming is the future of social media".

Sony shutting down PS2 MMO EverQuest Online Adventures

Plus Cosmic Rift, Infantry, Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga.

Sony hints at EverQuest 3 on PS3

Read between the lines.

Next EverQuest game teased

Codenamed EverQuest Next.