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Don't Google it: What number EverQuest expansion do you think we're now on?

EverQuest holds a special place in my memory. I was 16 when it came out. I didn't have computer but my mate Rupert did, and I'd outstay my welcome at his house playing it - hardly a sustainable arrangement and it didn't last. But it sparked in me a longing to become a proper part of a 3D online fantasy world (and on my own computer) - a plan I would carry out with Dark Age of Camelot - and it wasn't long after that Rupert (Loman) and his brother created Eurogamer.

All that seems like a lifetime ago, which is why it's weird writing about EverQuest now, 16 years later and on Eurogamer, and about how the game has launched a new expansion - its 22nd, called The Broken Mirror.

Broken Mirror is a proper $34.99 expansion with new and revamped zones, and all the new quests and loot and things that go with them. There are new spells, new alternate advancements, and there's a strange new toy called an Illusion Key Ring.

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Time to move for EU players of SOE games

PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online and EverQuest 2 accounts affected.

European players of massively multiplayer online games PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online and EverQuest 2 will have to transfer their accounts to Sony Online Entertainment in the near future.

EverQuest II going free-to-play

Original subs service to continue, too.

EverQuest II is the latest subscription MMO to jump on the free-to-play bandwagon. Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it's to launch a free service called EverQuest II Extended later this year.

EQII jumps on $25 mount bandwagon

After the WOW horse, the 'Quest cat.

Sony Online Entertainment has taken one look at the mountain of cash raked in by Blizzard's $25 World of Warcraft mount and decided it would like a slice of the action.

SOE's John Smedley

Sony Online Entertainment's very own raid boss on the MMO company's new perspective.

Sony Online Entertainment is one of, if not the most experienced company in MMOs. It scored one of the genre's breakthrough successes with the first EverQuest, and to this day it operates the widest range of MMOs under a single roof anywhere, including Star Wars Galaxies, PlanetSide, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Vanguard, EverQuest and its sequel. In recent years, however, it has been overshadowed - not just by World of Warcraft, but also by the succession of eager, over-hyped pretenders that have attempted to grab WOW's coat-tails as Blizzard did EverQuest's.

Expansions announced for EverQuests

Expansions announced for EverQuests

EQ2 adds achievements, level cap of 90.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced expansions for its EverQuest MMOs at its annual Fan Faire convention in Las Vegas.

The sixth expansion for EverQuest II will have the title Sentinel's Fate. It will increase the level cap to 90, and is planned for release in February 2010.

Sentinel's Fate will allow you to play older, low-level content with a high-level character and still gain experience. SOE is also integrating various achievements into the game, such as killing 10,000 orcs or reaching level 80 with multiple characters.

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EQ2 gets Monument and Might update

EQ2 gets Monument and Might update

Includes ability to write books. Really.

Sony Online Entertainment's MMO EverQuest II has been updated with the Monument and Might patch, including a new storyline, new questing, easier spell upgrades and player-written books.

In content terms, the update provides a batch of over 80 new quests for players to enjoy in the Kunark zone, centred on the appearance of Kurn's Tower. The headline new game feature is the appearance of Research Assistants who will upgrade your spells over time, one at a time, so you don't have to rely on expensive purchases or rare drops.

Monument and Might also introduces player-written books. You can use a text editor to create and distribute books that work exactly like those already found in the game and can be traded and sold as normal, except they can say whatever you like.

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EverQuest II update revamps world

EverQuest II update revamps world

Elements of Evil refreshes content.

The five year-old EverQuest II expands again today with the Elements of Evil update.

Void creatures have invaded the world, resulting in a meaty make-over for the entire LavaStorm area. This has over 20 extra quests for levels 45-55, plus more solo content for lonely level-80 players.

Elements of Evil adds three new dungeons, too. Groups of tradeskillers can port raids into a version of the Palace of the Ancient one; 12 adventurers can try to save something called Narjena from agents of something called Munzok; and full raids can tackle Munzok the Corrupter itself.

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Ten Level Test: EverQuest II vs Vanguard

Round one - Western fantasy epics.

Ten Level Test is the new Eurogamer feature series in which MMOs compete for our love in a knockout competition. We pair them off, play each for ten levels, and then uninstall the one we had least fun with. For a full explanation of the rules and quite why we'd attempt this madness, and for an introduction to all eight contenders in the first Ten Level Test - EverQuest II, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Lineage II, Final Fantasy XI, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, Guild Wars and Dungeons & Dragons Online - visit the Editor's blog. Here, we'll waste no time in getting stuck into the first two gladiators in our test, Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest II and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

Researchers study EQ2 server logs

SOE hands over 60TB of data.

An article on Ars Technica reveals that Sony Online Entertainment has bequeathed the complete server logs of its EverQuest II MMO to academic research.

SOE MMOs now on Steam for cheap

EverQuest I and II, Vanguard, Pirates.

Valve and Sony Online Entertainment have linked arms to bring some of the MMO operator's games to Steam.

EverQuest series moves into item sales

EverQuest series moves into item sales

SOE launches real-money marketplace.

Sony Online Entertainment has made the bold move of introducing micro-transaction item sales to its subscription-based fantasy MMOs, EverQuest and EverQuest II.

The game operator has launched StationCash, a virtual currency similar to Xbox Live's Microsoft Points or Nintendo's Wii Points. One hundred SC costs USD 1, EUR 1 or GBP 0.80. It can be used at an in-game marketplace to buy armour, potions and other benefits.

"The EQ and EQII development teams have chosen items carefully in an effort to avoid a disruption in gameplay balance," reads the StationCash FAQ.

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LOTRO and EQ2 expansions out today

LOTRO and EQ2 expansions out today

Mines of Moria and Shadow Odyssey.

It's a festival of MMO expansions today: fantasy role-playing stalwarts Lord of the Rings Online and EverQuest II have both released their latest instalments.

LOTRO's Mines of Moria opens a huge new underground world for players, raises the level cap from 50 to 60, adds two new character classes, and highly customisable Legendary weapons that level alongside your character.

Not bad for the first expansion to a game that's not much more than 18 months old. Check out the Mines of Moria gamepage for exhaustive hands-on, interviews, video, news and more, and expect to read our full review soon.

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Fear and Levelling in Las Vegas

Eurogamer goes gonzo at Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire.

I have an admission to make: even though I've played MMOs for years, I guess I believed the stereotypes, and I expected Sony Online Entertainment's annual Fan Faire in Las Vegas to be filled with shuffling, socially-awkward freaks with poor dress sense, using obscure science-fiction references to mask their conversational inadequacy. The reasons for this are quite simple: having played MMOs for years, I'm a shuffling, socially-awkward freak with poor dress sense, and I use obscure science-fiction references to mask my conversational inadequacy.

EverQuest and EQII expansions announced

EverQuest and EQII expansions announced

Norrath revisits its past.

Sony Online Entertainment chose its annual Fan Faire convention in Las Vegas this week to announce expansions for long-running MMOs EverQuest and EverQuest II.

Speaking at his yearly address, SOE chief John Smedley said that the original EverQuest "is still going as strong as ever. We're very dedicated to the game, and we're coming up to a milestone I never expected to see – the tenth anniversary."

In honour of this occasion, he unveiled Seeds of Destruction, that difficult fifteenth expansion, which is due out on 21st October. Fittingly, the new content has something of a victory lap feel to it, sending players on a journey through numerous portals which will take them back to various iconic moments from the history of the game. The major gameplay change to Seeds is the addition of Mercenaries, player-controlled NPCs who can be paid to fight alongside you in battle.

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Dates announced for SOE Fan Faire

Dates announced for SOE Fan Faire

Sixth Sony event heads to Vegas in August.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced the date and location for the sixth of its annual Fan Faire conventions.

Fan Faire 2008 will take place at the Las Vegas Hilton over four days, from August 14th to 17th.

Tickets go on sale later this spring, but the hotel can be booked now at a discount rate. Check the official announcement for details.

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Counter-Strike, EverQuest banned

By Brazilian Government.

Bad news for Counter-Strike and EverQuest players living in Brazil - both games have been banned after a judge ruled they are "harmful to consumers' health".

EverQuest gets new expansions

EverQuest gets new expansions

And EQII gets Player Vs. Player.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced the forthcoming release of new expansions for hit MMORPG EverQuest and its sequel, EverQuest II.

The Prophecy of Ro expansion, which is for the original game, will feature more than 30 new missions, 25 original characters, seven zones and six small instances. Plus it will enable you to use magic powers to influence the rules of the game, and change the way it's played.

The expansion will be out in the US this February in both real and Internet shops along with EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky, a new add-on with all sorts of exciting features. You can expect a brand new structured skill and ability development system, with level caps raised to 70 for adventurers and artisans and 50 for guilds.

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Mythic slams EQII auction site

Station Exchange comes under fire from a chap who doesn't wish he thought of it first at all.

It's not even up and running yet, but Sony Online Entertainment's new Everquest II auction site has come under attack from a fellow MMORPG developer.

Everquest, Everquest, Everquest

Sony Online joins E3 announcement stampede

Sony Online Entertainment has joined the headlong rush to announce the games they will be showing off at E3 next week, with Everquest featuring prominently. Heading up the list is Star Wars Galaxies, the new massively multiplayer game set in a galaxy far, far away, but developed closer to home by some of the brains behind Everquest. With a heady mixture of "combat, exploration, social interaction, specialized missions and daring quests" being promised, it could just be the game that makes massively multiplayer games truly massive. Getting back to Everquest proper, SOE will be showing off no less than three new titles in the franchise. Planes Of Power is the latest add-on pack for the original game, once again adding new items to hoard, new quests to carry out and new zones to camp, but with a more story-led approach being promised for its autumn launch. Following that next spring is Everquest Online Adventures, a PlayStation 2 version of the game to take advantage of the console's new found online capabilities. Although it's obviously based on the original game, Online Adventures is apparently being redesigned from the ground up to be more console friendly. And then there's the big one, due out in the autumn of 2003 - Everquest II. Featuring a much improved new 3D engine, a combination of all-new areas and revamped versions of zones from the original game, and new features such as animals to ride and real-estate to buy, it's sure to prove a massive hit with the 400,000 or so Everquest players out there. Rounding out the line-up is PlanetSide, the world's first massively multiplayer first person shooter, now due out in spring 2003. That's about a year later than when it was due out this time last year, which is never a good sign. With hundreds of square kilometers of terrain to roam over spread across several continents, support for thousands of players to battle it out in a single game world, and a mixture of on-foot and in-vehicle action on the ground and in the air, it certainly sounds promising. Our only worry is that it will slip yet again, and we'll back this time next year reporting on the game being shown at E3 2003, with a spring 2004 release on the cards... Related Feature - PlanetSide screenshots Source - press release