Eternal Sonata News

MS helps PS3 projects blossom - report

Dev explains 360 exclusivity loophole.

Eternal Sonata PS3 gets firm date

As does Family Ski & Snowboard.

PS3 Eternal Sonata for February

With added bars of content.

Namco Bandai unveils Fragile

Wii RPG from Tri-Crescendo.

Fresh bits for Sonata PS3

Characters, costumes, events.

Eternal Sonata demo on Live

Role-play sing-a-long.

New Katamari not on Wii, PS3

Namco Bandai removes listings.

Atari signs up Namco X360 pair

Ace Combat and Eternal Sonata.

Eternal Sonata not 360-exclusive

ESRB listing spills beans.