Enemy Territory: Quake Wars News

Wedgwood: Metacritic strain "ridiculous"

Thinks percentile ratings should go, too.

More stuff pops up on European PSN

Quake Wars demo, Ape Quest, etc.

Quake Wars demo lands on Live

Half-naked and with robot legs.

Retailers talk Quake Wars console date

Activision declines to comment.

PC gamers moving to consoles - id

Even core FPS gamers choosing consoles.

Quake Wars 1.2 patch soon

Full VoIP, bot tweaks, more.

ETQW demo this afternoon

Plus exciting IRC party.

Quake Wars demo next week

PC users pick sides.

Enemy Territory Beta 3?

Depends. On whinging.

Quake Wars in Europe first

PS3/360 builds later.

Quake Wars dated

Hollenshead says October.

Quake Wars Beta 2 launches

20,000 more keys available.

New Enemy Territory beta soon

Polished up for the masses.

Quake Wars gets in-game ads

Cash used for on-going support.

Quake Wars beta firing up

Key distribution starting soon.

Quake Wars in late summer

Says Activision's financial paper.

Id Software creating new game

Carmack building fancy engine.

Quake Wars pre-order scheme

Reserve your username.

Quake Wars for 360, PS3

Battle spills onto consoles.

Quake Wars in fiscal 2008

Financial report strikes back.

Quake Wars delayed until 2007

Devs just need a little more time.

QuakeCon 2006 details

Playable Quake Wars promised.

More Enemy Territory details

Quaking in its bootcamps.

Enemy Territory trailer

Now on Eurofiles.

Quake Wars announced

id's new multiplayer shooter.