Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 launches on Steam Early Access next week

Endless Space 2, the promising-looking 4X strategy game, launches on Steam as an Early Access title on 6th October.

The Early Access version includes four of the eight factions planned for the full release (there's no word on price yet).

"We want to make a good first impression and want to deliver a version that should be as polished as what we've gotten you used to," developer Amplitude said.

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VideoWatch Endless Space 2's impressive, cinematic combat

Hands-on with the next game from Amplitude Studios.

Endless Space is where it all began for Amplitude Studios and now, four years later, it's time for the sequel. This team's quadrupled in size since that first Endless game and it seems they're eager to show what they can do with all that extra manpower.

Endless Space 2 will launch on Early Access this Summer

Endless Space 2 will launch on Early Access this Summer

And it wants you to design its next faction.

Endless Space 2 will initially be released on Steam Early Access this summer, although the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

Alongside this announcement, Amplitude Studios also revealed the game's first two factions: the Sophons and the Cravers. Both of these made their debut in the original Endless Space.

Speaking of factions, Amplitude is now looking to its fanbase for further inspiration. A contest begins today in which players can submit their own ideas for a new Endless Space 2 faction.

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