End of Nations News

MMO RTS End of Nations becomes a MOBA

Something else to Trion.

What's going on at Trion? Rift team now hit by lay-offs

Follows End of Nations restructuring last week.

End of Nations not cancelled but moved from Petroglyph to Trion

UPDATE: 19 employees laid off. Over 90 remain.

30 lay-offs at Petroglyph, End of Nation's future questionable

Couple with indefinite open beta delay and it doesn't look good.

End of Nations closed beta release date in the spring

Online RTS ready to roll out next testing phase.

Trion's Scott Hartsman on Rift subscribers, free-to-play and money

"It's definitely been growing since launch."

Rift developer to let others use its tech

Trion aims big with Red Door platform.

End of Nations to launch in 2012

Rift publisher's RTS on the way.

End of Nations will be free to play

MMO RTS has optional subs.

End of Nations, Syfy "when they're done"

Rift maker Trion will take its merry time.

Trion reveals End of Nations MMORTS

Develop your commander as you play.