Elite: Dangerous Features

Feature | The state of Elite Dangerous

According to its most prominent players.

Feature | A three-year-old Elite Dangerous mystery is finally unravelling

A conspiracy, a derelict megaship and a crew gone mad.

Feature | How things end

Alexis Kennedy on the progress of progress.

Feature | The alien hunters of Elite: Dangerous

Inside the fascinating group effort to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

Feature | Elite: Dangerous and the art of the galactic grind

How Frontier's long-awaited space sim is trying to balance commerce and conflict for a new generation.

Feature | Elite: Dangerous: the David Braben interview

On consoles, Steam, Oculus Rift and massive spaceships.

Feature | The resurrection of Elite: Braben talks Dangerous

"If this were on console, there would be an expectation it would be dumbed down.”

Feature | Are the rich old men ruining Kickstarter?

The true nature of crowd-funding is being obscured by big names and nostalgia.

Feature | The Bold and the Braben

From the archive: The Elite co-creator gets nostalgic