The Elder Scrolls Online News

The Elder Scrolls is rumoured to be the next game getting a Netflix adaptation

If true, this'll be the second Bethesda game to be turned into a TV show.

The Elder Scrolls Online's new DLC, Markarth, boasts a "dangerous new zone" and "powerful, hidden secrets"

"The Dark Heart of Skyrim epic concludes with The Elder Scrolls Online: Markarth."

"I'm still enthusiastic, and I don't have any intention of stopping now"

Bethesda E3 press conference cheering man insists he's just a mega-fan.

Xbox Game Pass adds Fallout 4, The Division and Elder Scrolls Online

Plus Halo Master Chief Collection later this year.

Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood DLC gets release date

Notorious assassin group offers new passive skill tree.

Elder Scrolls Online Irish customer service office closed and 300 jobs lost - report

UPDATE: Bethesda refutes report, says approx. 50 jobs lost mid-August.

Elder Scrolls Online free on PC and Xbox One this weekend

Playing enters you into the $1m prize draw.

The Elder Scrolls Online's next expansion takes you to the Orc capital

Largest DLC yet due 2nd November on PC, two weeks later on console.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Imperial City DLC detailed

New areas, quests and enemies, priced at 2500 in-game Crowns.

The Elder Scrolls Online's PS4 patch is 15.9GB

Adds the first three updates from the PC version.

The Elder Scrolls Online UK number one

Lego Jurassic World in at two.

Elder Scrolls Online and the turbulent topic of text chat on console

Zenimax tells us it's looking into a "quick chat" system.

The Elder Scrolls Online PS4/Xbox One requires 15GB day-one patch

Too "incredibly massive" for one Blu-ray disc.

The Elder Scrolls Online PS4, Xbox One closed beta invites sent out

MMO's only console beta will launch tomorrow.

Elder Scrolls Online offers £12.99 PC-to-console migration deal

To transfer account and own PS4 or Xbox One game.

20GB Elder Scrolls Online patch is biggest yet

Adds justice, champion systems and much more.

Elder Scrolls Online gets console release date, drops subscription

UPDATE: First console gameplay footage within and new details.

Bethesda shows glimpse of The Elder Scrolls Online's console version

"But there's still some work to do before we can set an official launch date."

Elder Scrolls Online dev confirms lay-offs

But it sounds like the console versions, although AWOL, are OK.

Elder Scrolls Online subscriber loyalty program announced

Pay for three months and get a free pet.

Elder Scrolls Online has ~775,000 subscribers - report

And SWTOR made $165m last year, apparently.

The Elder Scrolls Online's Craglorn update due this week

"I believe our next update is fairly on schedule."

The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 and Xbox One delayed by six months

UPDATE: Bethesda confirms, offers discount for those who buy on PC now.

Elder Scrolls Online dev requests players name and shame gold spammers

Private messaging disabled in a bid to battle black market.

The Elder Scrolls Online gets major patch

Quest issues fixed while fight against bots continues.

Elder Scrolls Online dev battles black market

Causes 85 per cent of customer service complaints.

Elder Scrolls Online early access timings

Opens at noon on Sunday for some people.

This new Elder Scrolls Online cinematic is outstanding

Limited Imperial Edition of the game announced, too.

The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 won't require PS Plus

But it will require a Gold account on Xbox One.

Video shows hope for Elder Scrolls Online's group battles

Perhaps working together isn't so bad after all.

The Elder Scrolls Online release dates announced

PC and Mac in April. PS4 and Xbox One in June.

EGX | Elder Scrolls Online and Wolfenstein playable at Eurogamer Expo

Developer session for The Evil Within on Thursday 26th, streamed online.

Bethesda: Wii U is "not on our radar"

"It's largely a hardware thing."