The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition Videos

As a big fan of VR (I've still not given up hope, dammit!) I relish the opportunity to get my hands on a game that's not just a short experience or a dull whack-a-mole style shooter. That's why I've been looking forward to the release of Skyrim VR ever since it was announced - it's a game that I could potentially spend a hundred plus hours in!

Pretty much as soon as I started recreating video game foodstuffs in my kitchen last year, commenters have been asking me to make sweetrolls from Skyrim. Initially, I was reluctant - countless others have already given them a go at home and on YouTube, and it meant I'd have to buy a mini bundt tin. Over time, however, the volume and vehemence of the comments grew to an extent that I knew a sweetroll episode was inevitable.

VideoWatch: Ian plays the first three hours of Skyrim Special Edition

Let's all experience the game at the same time. Which in this case is 2pm BST.

Those of you who watched my epic Fallout 4 Let's Play series will remember that my character, Mrs. Henry J. Buttminster, was a community creation. Fellow Eurogamer video man Johnny Chiodini came up with the character name and the base stats but the rest of the perks - and even the avatar's sex - were chosen by you, the viewers.