The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Actor Max von Sydow dies aged 90

Tributes for Skyrim voice actor.

Feature | Five of the Best: Potions

A new series celebrating the little things that make games great.

Controversial Skyrim Together mod reemerges with nightly builds as developers reveal death threats

"We know that you are most likely trying to help, but this isn't helping…"

Feature | A brief history of drug use in video games

Tripping meatballs from Mario to Cyberpunk.

Yes, Todd Howard and team have settled on The Elder Scrolls 6's region

"You can rule some things in. And you can rule some things out."

Feature | The constant quest to be nosy

Why curiosity rewards the cat.

Skyrim console commands, cheats for PC

The most powerful console commands in Skyrim, including player boosts, infinite gold and items, and cheats to beat every quest and character.

Skyrim Golden Claw quest - door puzzle solution and walkthrough for the Bleak Falls Barrow dungeon

How to solve the code and finish the side-quest early in Skyrim's adventure.

Skyrim marriage explained - How to get married with the Amulet of Mara

Where to find the Amulet, start the ceremony, and the benefits of tying the knot.

Skyrim Houses - Where to buy and how to build a house

When you're ready for home ownership, here's how and where to get your own domicile (or three).

Skyrim mods on PS4, Xbox One, PC - How to install mods in the Special Edition release

How to quickly customise your game in the remastered release on consoles and PC.

Feature | On the secret smallness of Skyrim

Turning molehills into mountains.

Skyrim's Switch release date slated for November

For the adventurer who has not yet taken an arrow to the knee.

Feature | The video game pacifists

Why people play without killing.

Mod makes Skyrim play like The Sims

One for The Elder Scrolls 6, perhaps.

New Skyrim mod lets you explore Cyrodiil's Bruma

How high the mountains of Skyrim rise.

Don't expect a Skyblivion beta or release until 2018

It's like a Daggerfall through my heart.

Skyrim mod Enderal gets DLC expansion of its own

Forgotten Stories includes content cut from the main mod.

Feature | The archaeologists of Skyrim

Meet the players trying to bring Tamriel's lost history to life.

You'll soon be able to play Fallout, Skyrim and Doom pinball

UPDATE: Here's what each table looks like.

Skyrim mods space is 1GB on PS4, but 5GB on Xbox One

Yet PS4 mods will be tiny without external assets.

Skyrim and Fallout 4 will receive mod support on PS4

Along with PS4 Pro graphic upgrades.

There's a Skyrim concert coming to London, but...

Composer Jeremy Soule disapproves, urges folks to "be wary".

Feature | The Skyrim mod to Enderal

If you're impatient for a new Elder Scrolls, this long-awaited mod should do the trick.

Feature | Putting the magic back into magic in fantasy games

On the fantasy authors and ideas about sorcery game designers could learn from.

Skyrim total conversion mod Enderal gets a release date, looks great

Completely new setting, new mechanics, new story!

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim remaster announced

UPDATE: Saves will transfer on PC. Special Edition a free upgrade if you own all DLC or Legendary Edition on Steam.

Feature | What keeps modders modding?

The story of SureAI, the team rebuilding Skyrim for free.

Feature | Spider senseless: The plight of the arachnophobic video game player

How players are using games to address and overcome their fear.

Bethesda removes paid mods in Skyrim

UPDATE: Valve is refunding all mod purchases.

Gabe Newell responds to paid mods controversy

"You need a more robust Valve-is-evil hypothesis."

A paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has already been pulled

UPDATE: Modder livid Valve won't remove their work entirely.

Steam Workshop now allows modders to sell their work

UPDATE: Skyrim modders keep 25% of sale price. More...

The best PC games

Old and new, this is our pick of the PC games you should play today.

Feature | Return to Skyrim

Why, over two years on, Bethesda's open world remains as fresh as ever.

These are the most popular games on Steam - report

But a huge 37% of all owned games remain unplayed.

Xbox Spring Sale sees AC4, Skyrim, Borderlands DLC up to 75% off

Telltale's Walking Dead, Dishonored add-ons also cheap.

Video Games Live concerts headed to London, Manchester this November

Skyrim, Warcraft, Street Fighter, Sonic and Kingdom Hearts music included.

Omni competitor Cyberith demos its omnidirectional treadmill with Skyrim

Virtualizer lets you jump and doesn't require special shoes.

Bethesda lists Skyrim for PS4 and Xbox One

UPDATE: It was a website error.

Fan-made Morrowind remake is shaping up nicely

Has over 70 collaborators, but is still recruiting.

It's the last day of the Steam Sale

"And we've brought back the most popular deals."

Jeremy Soule: "Pac-Man will eat Mark Zuckerberg's lunch"

Elder Scrolls composer says "video gaming is the future of social media".

Teenager's massive Skyrim mod took 2000 hours to make

"Falskaar was my day job." Now he wants a job at Bethesda.

Skyrim: Legendary Edition confirmed

Game and all the DLC for £40.

Skyrim team moving on to "our next major project", presumably Fallout 4

UPDATE: Bethesda confirms no more Skyrim DLC will be made.

New Skyrim PC patch 1.9 "effectively removes the overall level cap"

UPDATE: Out now on Xbox Live. PS3 later today.

Pictures of Nvidia's obscene new graphics card GeForce GTX Titan

PlayStation 4 and the Next Xbox are already behind.

All Skyrim DLC coming to PS3 in February

Dragonborn on PC dated for 5th February.

Is Ebony Warrior Skyrim's toughest baddie?

"Took me four attempts. He's like 15 Legendary Dragons in one."

Skyrim Dragonborn confirmed for PC and PS3 early next year

UPDATE: Bethesda: “We think Dragonborn is our best add-on for Skyrim yet." That's why it's coming to PS3 ahead of the MIA other DLCs.

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC screenshots

Oh look at that! And that!

Bethesda “close” on new Skyrim content for PS3 and PC

“We know it takes us time and thanks for all your support and patience!”

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC confirmed, out 4th December

Confront the first Dragonborn, ride dragons.

Amazon outs Skyrim Premium Edition

UPDATE: It's coming to the UK, Bethesda confirms.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim: AMD Virgo vs. Intel HD4000 Performance Video

An integrated graphics face-off as AMD's latest APU goes up against a quad-core Intel part with HD4000 graphics.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim: AMD Virgo vs. AMD Trinity Performance Video

The laptop version of the same chipset pitted against the desktop rendition.

Game screenshots taken at such high quality they look like art

One man's mission to show how beautiful they can be.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim 900p High Settings: Retina Macbook Pro vs. Alienware M14x Video

For all of the state-of-the-art tech packed into the Retina Macbook Pro, these are still off-the-shelf parts available to other OEMs. At lower resolutions, performance can be matched at a lower price-point.

Skyrim Hearthfire DLC hits Steam as PS3 owners begin to lose hope

"It's our problem, and it's on us to solve it."

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Ultra 1080p: GeForce GTX 660 vs. GTX 660 Ti Video

Both the GTX 660 and its more expensive counterpart have no issue with a maxed out Skyrim at 1080p.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Ultra 1080p: GeForce GTX 660 vs. Radeon HD 7850 Video

Performance of the RPG classic compared between the GTX 660 and its cheaper Radeon rival.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Ultra 1080p: GeForce GTX 660 vs. Radeon HD 7870 Video

The creation engine is put to the test on the GTX 660 and its nearest Radeon rival.

Elder Scrolls series a "huge" inspiration for Far Cry 3

But doesn't want to repeat "arrow to the knee" repetition.

Skywind: Morrowind recreated in Skyrim by fans

Screenshots and videos show Oblivion being converted, too.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Ultra 1080p: Radeon HD 7970M vs. GTX 680M Video

Skyrim's NPC-laden intro is an excellent repeatable test for measuring performance on these high-power laptop graphics cores.

There are 10,000 Skyrim Workshop PC mods

And they're not all clothes removers.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim 1080p Max Settings, Radeon HD 7870 vs. 6870 Video

See how the overclocked 7870 compares against its last-gen counterpart in Skyrim running at 1080p at max settings.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim 1080p Max Settings, Radeon HD 7870 vs. 7850 Video

AMD's enthusiast level price vs. performance winners slug it out on a fully maxed out Skyrim.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim 1080p Max Settings, Radeon HD 7870 vs. GTX 660 Ti Video

Skyrim's intro plays out on both the HD 7870 and its nearest NVIDIA rival, the GTX 660 Ti.

Review | Skyrim: Hearthfire Review

Constructive criticism.

Skyrim's Hearthfire DLC weighs just 75MB, out now

You pay about five pence per megabyte.

Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC allows you to build a house, adopt a child

Second major expansion due next week on Xbox 360.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim - Dolby Audio Processing Technology Demo

From stereo to pseudo surround. Try out this video with your own stereo headphones attached for simulated surround audio.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim 1080p Max Settings, GTX 660 Ti vs. Radeon 6870 Video

A maxed-out Skyrim running on the new NVIDIA card up against the venerable Radeon 6870.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim 1080p Max Settings, GTX 660 Ti vs. Radeon 7850 Video

Skyrim's intro proves to an interesting workout for our test GPUs.

Video | Muscle film 300 recreated superbly in Skyrim

"When the boy was born, like all Spartans, he was inspected."

Skyrim 1.7 update is now available on Steam

Submitted to console manufacturers

Skyrim beta update 1.7 now on Steam

Fewer crashes, more Kinect support.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim: DFPC Radeon 6770 vs. 6870 High Settings, 1080p Video

At 1080p, the extra muscle of the Radeon HD 6870 proves decisive.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim: DFPC Radeon 6770 vs. 6870 High Settings, 768p Video

A distressing lack of much in the way of extra performance at this resolution.

Steam's Summer Sale list leaked

Updated: new and more detailed information.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim: AMD Trinity vs. Xbox 360 Video

PC version on high settings with FXAA faces off against the Xbox 360 build.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim: AMD Trinity vs. Intel HD4000 Video

PC version on high settings with FXAA (no MSAA) compared on both integrated GPUs.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim: AMD Trinity vs. PS3 Video

PC version on 720p with high settings and FXAA versus the console version.

Feature | Lost Humanity 1: Fighting Talk

Robert Florence's new weekly Eurogamer column.

Skyrim expansion Dawnguard out now on Xbox 360

UPDATE: How to access the new content.

UK top 40: Lego Batman 2 perches on top

Skyrim levels up ahead of this week's Dawnguard release.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim: DFPC vs. Xbox 360, 768p High Settings Video

Digital Foundry's £300 gaming PC takes on the Xbox 360 on Skyrim, showing remarkable improvements.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim: DFPC vs. Alienware M14x, 768p High Settings Video

The entry level £300 Digital Foundry gaming PC vs. Alienware's mid-level gaming laptop. A remarkably balanced conflict.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim: DFPC vs. PS3, 768p High Settings Video

The £300 Digital Foundry gaming PC takes on Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, with night and day image quality and frame-rate boosts.

Digital Foundry | Acer Ultra M3 vs Alienware M14x: Skyrim

High quality settings at 1366x768, GT 640M vs GT 650M.

Digital Foundry | Alienware M14x Skyrim High Settings: 768p vs 900p Video

The GeForce GT 650M put through its paces on high quality levels at the two screen resolutions supported by the Alienware M14x.

Half of 1% of Skyrim Dawnguard beta applicants received invites

Plus, 1.6 update available for all Steam users today.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Dawnguard DLC screenshots

Blood-sucking new images to feed on.

Feature | The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - Dawnguard Preview

Playing as a Vampire Lord in the game's first expansion.

Video | The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - Dawnguard trailer

On Xbox 360 this summer for 1600 Microsoft Points.

Why The Elder Scrolls Online doesn't and can't look like Skyrim

Beyond what an MMO can handle, explains Zenimax.

Skyrim gets mounted combat in new update

Patch 1.6 detailed in full.

Skyrim-inspired short film The Thief needs your coin

Atmospheric video teaser a glimpse of what may be.

The Elder Scrolls Online's main story is 100 per cent solo

"The world focuses on you - you are the hero."

The Elder Scrolls Online announced

Set 1000 years before Skyrim, out on PC/Mac next year.

Skyrim DLC expansion Dawnguard announced

Out this Summer, Xbox 360 gets it first.

Skyrim developer applies for Fus Ro Dah trademark

"Just protecting our brand," says Bethesda.

Skyrim 1.5 update up on Xbox Live

Should go live on PS3 later today.

Free-to-play equivalent of Skyrim in "next few years" - Ngmoco

Games capable of returning on $1 billion investments.

Feature | An interview with comedian Dara O Briain

"I would like to be able to fondle the dragon by wearing a glove."

Elder Scrolls Online reveal in May - report

MMO set a millennium prior to Skyrim.

Video | Skyrim update 1.5 trailered

Bethesda shows off new kill cam feature.

Skyrim update 1.5 PC beta announced

Kill cam added, more bugs fixed.

Feature | Skyrim: The Creation Kit Experience

Writing a brand new Elder Scroll.

Bethesda and Mojang settle: Scrolls will be Scrolls

UPDATE: ZeniMax explains deal, Mojang can't use Scrolls name again.

New Skyrim PC update goes live

Bethesda stamps on a few more bugs.

Bethesda hiring for next-gen project

Elder Scrolls 6? Fallout 4?

Skyrim success motivates Remedy to stick with story-heavy games

"There's obviously an audience that enjoys story."

Skyrim PC patch 1.4.26 beta available, details

Bug fixes, mod-handling improvements.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim 2.03 Patch: Hard Drive vs. SSD Video

Stock drive against hybrid SSD against full SSD.

Digital Foundry | PS3 Hard Drive vs. SSD Comparison Video: Rage

What improvements are there to Rage texture pop-in with a hard drive/SSD upgrade?

Bethesda: Skyrim DLC to follow different model to Fallout 3

Larger expansions, but they'll be less frequent.

Bethesda knew Skyrim could run into "a bad memory situation" on PS3

UPDATE: Bethesda clarifies Howard's comments. Team "coded solutions they felt would work".

Only Modern Warfare 3 made more money than Skyrim in 2011

Skyrim trumped platform exclusives on PS3, Xbox 360.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim PS3 2.0/2.01/2.03 Patch Performance Analysis

The launch day patch, and both its major successors tested with a 65-hour save.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim PS3 2.03 Patch: New Game vs. 65 Hour Save

To what extent can we make lag manifest in the freshly patched version of PS3 Skyrim?

Digital Foundry | Digital Foundry: PS3 Skyrim Lag Fixed?

Full analysis of the improvements brought about by this week's patch.

AIAS 2011 Awards winners revealed

Skyrim dominates the evening.

Skyrim patch 1.4 now live for Xbox 360

UPDATE: Now available for PS3.

Skyrim makers create dragon riding, Kinect shouts, new skill trees

"Could it be in a future DLC? We don't know."

Bethesda: Skyrim update 1.4 should hit Xbox 360 tomorrow

PlayStation 3 patch "looking good too".

Valve makes Portal 2 Space Core mod for Skyrim

Voiced, it seems, by Nolan North.

Skyrim gets high-res PC texture pack

Free download available now.

Skyrim PC Creation Kit release date announced

Plus, Bethesda promises "special surprise".

Skyrim update 1.4 now live on Steam

Console versions being submitted this week.

Video | Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim creation kit tools trailer

Upload, download and create mods via Steam.

Reckoning dev's biggest concern is you're still playing Skyrim

"I'm not going to pretend that Skyrim doesn't exist."

PC users invited to beta test Skyrim 1.4 update

Bethesda: "Apply the update at your own risk."

Skyrim update 1.4 detailed in full

PS3 lag fix incoming, PC Creation Kit also due.

Skyrim mod replaces dragons with My Little Pony

Bethesda role-player gets custom horse business.

UK 2011 Modern Warfare 3 sales lower than 2010 Black Ops sales

Adele heads list of last year's most popular entertainment.

The best selling UK video games of 2011

All together, and platform by platform.

Skyrim PS3 lag to be addressed in patch 1.4

Bethesda promises fix due later this month.

UK Top 40: FIFA 12 enters 2012 in top spot

EA footy outing kicks new year chart.

Steam shoots over 5 million concurrent users mark

Christmas sale and Skyrim push forward.

Feature | Developers' Games of 2011

Levine! Molyneux! Jaffe! Garriott!

Skyrim PC update 1.3.10 released

Adds support for 4GB of RAM.

Skyrim is UK Christmas 2011 number one

Ends EA/Activision's 8-year dominance.

Valve: Skyrim fastest-selling game in Steam history

PC version outsold all other PC games by over 3-1.

Skyrim patch 1.3 on Xbox Live now

Fixes resistance-breaking bug.

Skyrim debuts at four on Japan chart

3DS games hold the top three spots.

Skyrim DLC add-ons "will have a lot of meat on them"

Will make the game better, Bethesda promises.

UK Top 40: Skyrim dethrones Modern Warfare 3

Sales soar 145 per cent after price cuts.

Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim dominate crowded November US sales chart

Halo, Mario, Sonic, Rayman, Need For Speed miss top 10.

Skyrim update 1.3 available now on Steam

Console roll-out to follow soon.

Bethesda refutes Skyrim PS3 lag claims by Fallout NV dev

"He brings up issues we solved long ago."

Feature | Telling Tales: Skyrim and Dark Souls

From the archive: When the mountain won't come to Muhammad.

PS3 Skyrim fix in the works, but not for update 1.3

Bethesda: "We understand how frustrating it can be."

Digital Foundry | Does Fallout NV PS3 lag explain Skyrim issues?

Project director provides insight into engine design.

Digital Foundry | Digital Foundry vs. PS3 Skyrim Lag

Full analysis of the notorious 'Rimlag' issue and why the patched version still isn't good enough.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim PS3 Lag: Patch 2.01 Analysis

Does the new PS3 Skyrim patch improves matters?

Digital Foundry | Skyrim PS3 Lag: New Save vs. 65 Hour Save

How bad does Skyrim PS3 lag get in the unpatched game?

New Skyrim patch, PC dev tools incoming

"Rare, amazing backwards flying dragon" extinct next week.

Skyrim patch 1.2 has resistance-breaking bug

And makes dragons fly backwards.

Video | How Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim sounds in Japanese

Top-marked title out next week in Japan.

New Nvidia GeForce drivers for Skyrim, MW3

And for Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City.

Skyrim update 1.2 detailed in full

Xbox 360 texture install issue "fixed", PS3 save bug "improved".

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Timelapse: Xbox 360 Video

A bonus timelapse presentation based on 360 captures.

Petition asks Obama to destroy all copies of Skyrim

UPDATE: Satirical website Christwire at work.

Video game rentals to eradicate pre-owned sales?

Pubs offering Blockbuster "an awful lot of support".

Skyrim patch due week beginning 28th November

Will address PlayStation 3 performance bug.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Timelapse: World in Motion Video

The phenomenal world of Skyrim as you've never seen it before.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Timelapse: World in Motion

Digital Foundry's latest video epic.

Skyrim sells over 3.5 million in 48 hours

Launch units expected to make over $450m.

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: Skyrim

PC vs. PS3 vs. Xbox 360.

Minecraft Easter egg spotted in Skyrim

Bethesda hides cheeky nod to trademark adversary.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Combat Performance Analysis

PS3 and 360 tested in action-intensive scenes.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Xbox 360 vs. PC Comparison Video

Spot the difference between console and computer.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim PS3 vs. PC Comparison Video

The strongest vs. the weakest version of the game.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off Video

The two console versions directly compared.

Digital Foundry | Skyrim Engine Performance Analysis Video

Xbox 360 and PS3 put to the test in similar scenes.

Video | The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Talkthrough

Punching dragons and murdering the innocent.

UK top 40: Modern Warfare 3 sells fewer than Black Ops

Skyrim, second, is fifth biggest of 2011.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: The Madness of Release Date Congestion

It's Viva Pinata vs. Gears of War all over again!

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim midnight launch photos

Thanks to Michael Bowles for the pics.

Video | Lady Dragonborn at Skyrim launch video

Horned heroine spotted at midnight launch.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim UK price roundup

Updated with today's confirmed prices.

New Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim screenshots

Eurogamer's review now live.

Bethesda: developing for PC is "a headache"

Hines talks drivers, hardware, piracy.

Skyrim promises players infinite quests

Howard: "You can play forever."

Video | Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim animation trailer

Spell-casting and sword-wielding action.

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim patch 1.1 at launch

Game ready to Rolof the shelves.

Skyrim UK midnight launches announced

Game and Gamestation detail their plans.

Out This Week - 11/11/11

Modern Warfare 3! Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim!

Skyrim Xbox Live Avatar clothes and items

Pay to play dress-up ahead of launch.

Video | Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim music trailer

Behind the scenes of orchestral, voice talents.

Video | Making of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim trailer

Behind the scenes doc in Collector's Ed.

Beautiful Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim artwork

Behind the scenes of Bethesda's role-player.

Skyrim dev: Oblivion's setting felt "a bit generic"

How the world of Elder Scrolls V stands apart.

Skyrim PC system requirements announced

Start freeing up some hard drive space.

Mojang's Scrolls legal victory explained

Bodes well for Notch and gang.

Feature | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Tinker, tailor, soldier, necromancer.

New Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim screens

Less than one month to go.

Bethesda QA beats Skyrim in 2hrs 16 mins

It might take you a bit longer.

Leaked Skyrim manual confirms hirelings

Plus, cooking, brawling, prison!

Bethesda comments on Scrolls row

"Nobody here enjoys being forced into this."

Notch's solicitor lays out Bethesda defense

Gamers can distinguish Scrolls from TES.

TESV: Skyrim voice cast revealed

Minority Report! Bourne! Babylon 5!

Skyrim gets Mature rating in the US

References rape, includes drinking game.

Video | 20-minute Skyrim gameplay demo

Spell slinging and dungeon crawling.

Skyrim Collector's Ed box is massive

May contain living, breathing dragon.

Bethesda discusses squashing bugs

"We have and continue to get better at it."

Why there's no Elder Scrolls MMO

Howard: "I like this kind of game better."

Skyrim fits on one Xbox 360 disc

No disc swapping for Elder Scrolls V.

Skyrim DLC timed Xbox 360 exclusive

PC, PS3 owners have to wait 30 days.

Game denies forcing games off UK Steam

Space Marine, Saints Row missing.

Skyrim playable character preset pics

Chaps, ladies and lizards laid bare.

Skyrim playable at Eurogamer Expo

Get the first hands-on in Europe.

Notch: Bethesda Scrolls claim is "bogus"

"I will fight this for as long as it takes."

PC Skyrim uses Steamworks

Bethesda evidently a fan.

EG's Game of Gamescom 2011: The Nominees

A shortlist of 10. Winner announced Monday.

Notch challenges Bethesda to Quake 3

Wants to settle lawsuit this way.

More Skyrim characters shown

Orcs and Dark Elves, but no more cats.

Marvel at Eurogamer's Skyrim character

Friday afternoon self-indulgence.

Notch: is Bethesda doing a Langdell?

Minecraft man responds to lawsuit threat.

Skyrim Collector's Edition detailed

UPDATE: Game, Gamestation exclusive.

Bethesda lawyers threaten Notch

Allegedly infringes Elder Scrolls trademark.

Hines: Someone will lose out in November

But the crush is "healthy for the industry".

No Elder Scrolls V Skyrim demo

The downside of being so big.

Carmack keynote confirmed for QuakeCon

No mention of Doom 4 on game list.

Skyrim: NPCs the "number one focus"

Bug complaints "fair", Howard says.

Skyrim: more quests, fewer branches

Quest structure more Oblivion than Fallout.

Feature | Eurogamer's Best of E3 2011

Game of the Show, Best Tech, Best Publisher and more.

New Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim shots

Bethesda brings us our latest look.

60,000 lines of dialogue for Skyrim

New gameplay details emerge.

Oblivion 5th anniversary edition spotted

Comes with money off Skyrim voucher.

Skyrim's Todd Howard: Actors come to us

"You will all be very impressed."

TESV: Skyrim level cap explained

Oblivion was "1-25". This is "1-50".

PC Skyrim "scales up as you'd expect"

May take advantage of DX11 in the future.

TESV Skyrim: why there's no multiplayer

Plus: your dragon powers, enemy levelling.

Skyrim has what made Morrowind "special"

Oblivion "sacrificed" it, says Howard.

Video | First Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim footage

Bethesda dragon-drops the first trailer.

Conceive now to have a Skyrim baby

Bethesda challenges you.

Latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim screens

Game's engine shown off in fresh shots.

Elder Scrolls V class system explained

Todd Howard justifies "elegant" revamp.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim menus detailed

Designed with Apple in mind.

QuakeCon 2011 dates announced

Bethesda, id Software bonanza.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim combat detailed

Perks! Spells! Stealth! Arrows! Shouting!

TESV: Skyrim powered by Creation Engine

Bethesda's new invention dissected.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim detailed

Finishers! Duels! Perks! Dual-wielding!

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim runes translated

Learn a bit about the story.

Howard: "We're in our groove" on TESV

Promises to show "a lot of stuff" next month.

How new is Elder Scrolls V's engine?

Are we talking Gamebryo or id Tech 5?