The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Feature | In defence of Oblivion

Elder Scrolls to the bottom.

Don't expect a Skyblivion beta or release until 2018

It's like a Daggerfall through my heart.

Oblivion is now backwards compatible on Xbox One

As is Medal of Honor: Airborne, Astropop, and Trine 2.

The Elder Scrolls Online's main story is 100 per cent solo

"The world focuses on you - you are the hero."

Elder Scrolls Online reveal in May - report

MMO set a millennium prior to Skyrim.

Skyrim dev: Oblivion's setting felt "a bit generic"

How the world of Elder Scrolls V stands apart.

Oblivion 5th anniversary ed UK bound?

New BBFC rating suggests so.

Oblivion 5th anniversary edition spotted

Comes with money off Skyrim voucher.

Skyrim has what made Morrowind "special"

Oblivion "sacrificed" it, says Howard.

TESV: Skyrim powered by Creation Engine

Bethesda's new invention dissected.

Rumour: Elder Scrolls 5 in the works

Is a direct sequel to Oblivion.

Todd Howard working on two new games

Next feels "like you have a new console".

Feature | Bethesda's Todd Howard

On the new game, the one after that, and ladders.

Bethesda mentions WOW-like MMO

Elder hell do we know what it is?

Bethesda: Elder Scrolls "will continue"

Says Todd Howard was misquoted.

Bethesda making mature Wii games

"Really big" title to be revealed this year.

All Oblivion DLC now half-price

Except Horse Armor, which costs double.

Wizard's Tower top-selling Oblivion DLC

On Live. Horse Armor in at nine. Neigh!

New Elder Scrolls "potentially" for 2010

Plus: Bethesda not interested in the Wii.

Microsoft reduces DLC prices

Up to 60 per cent off certain bundles.

Elder Scrolls MMO in works?

New website suggests so.

US Shivering Isles PS3 disc

No word on Europe yet.

Shivering Isles 360 box coming

Bundled with Knights of Nine.

Shivering Isles fixed

PC and X360 patches available.

GAME refuses Oblivion PS3

Retailer won't stock it.

Oblivion 'not possible' on Wii

But Bethesda's keen on the kit.

Ubi down to two PS3 launch titles

Oblivion, GRAW 2, Double Agent, Rainbow Six all for later.

The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 8

GRAW for real, Oblivion PS3, Xbox goes urban and ATEI 2007.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Remind yourself of Bethesda's brilliant masterpiece.

Bethesda can't see past RPGs

Quite happy just doing them.

Oblivion expansion details

Madness of Prince Sheogorath.

Oblivion PS3 delayed

Knights of the Nine clarified.

Oblivion expansion is dirt cheap

Ten dollars on PC and 360.

Oblivion PS3 content shared

360/PC owners getting it soon.

Oblivion PS3 will look nicer

A bit anyway. DLC also planned.

Oblivion set for PS3 launch

With PSP version next spring.

No Oblivion expansion yet

White Stallion reports denied.

Vampiric delights for Oblivion

Vile Lair expansion announced.

Oblivion multiplayer mod

Deathmatch and CTF planned.

Mehrunes' Razor released

Yet more Oblivion content.

Oblivion PC patched

Bug fixes, mainly.

Oblivion patch this week

Bug-fixes and so on.

Xbox Live top ten most played

CoD2 tops the charts.

'No plans' for more Oblivion

Bethesda on PS3/PSP rumour.

Wizard's Tower for Oblivion

Plus, Oldblivion for manky PCs.

Oblivion PC Orrery available

Proper Orrery-show.

Oblivion Orrery available

For X360. Bit cheaper this time.

Oblivion's very popular

As in, not just with you.

Oblivion horse for PC gamers

Plus details on future DLC.

Oblivion horse armour on Live

For just under two quid.

Feature | UK Charts: Elder's finally shown respect

Fourth Elder Scrolls keeps EA from the top spot.

New Oblivion trailers on EG TV

See Elder Scrolls IV in action.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion dated

Out in Europe this month.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oblivious to Oblivion? Not anymore…

Oblivion devs comment on delay

Rigorous testing going on.

Elder Scrolls IV delayed

Both PC and Xbox 360 versions.

Oblivion 360 confusion sorted

Not a launch day title, oh no.