The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind News

Sexual Harassment Remover is a Morrowind mod that replaces the game's sexual abuse references

"I think the mod could actually be useful to a lot of people."

Bethesda's giving away Morrowind free to celebrate 25 years of The Elder Scrolls

UPDATE: Giveaway period extended following technical difficulties.

Fan-made Morrowind remake is shaping up nicely

Has over 70 collaborators, but is still recruiting.

PC Elder Scrolls Anthology bundles everything for 50

Should last you a knight or two.

The Elder Scrolls Online's main story is 100 per cent solo

"The world focuses on you - you are the hero."

Elder Scrolls Online reveal in May - report

MMO set a millennium prior to Skyrim.

Skyrim has what made Morrowind "special"

Oblivion "sacrificed" it, says Howard.

Morrowind beautified by devoted gamers

Elder hell did they do that?

New Elder Scrolls "potentially" for 2010

Plus: Bethesda not interested in the Wii.