I'm not sure how you feel about eye contact, but even if you really, really love it, Echo is going to test you. Its menu screen, for starters, is a huge eyeball, lashes thick and curling and as weird and alien as real, human lashes, its pupil darting around as you hover between the usual options. Phew! Once you've gotten past that, you're up for a lengthy opening ramble through an orbiting spaceship where you have emerged from a century of cryo-sleep, down to a planet where ice fields turn out to be endlessly replicated white cubes, and beneath that to a vast procedural palace.

Echo is a mind-boggling sci-fi game which pits you against yourself

Ex-IO devs behind brilliantly stylish game due out this September.

Up until a short while ago, I had no idea about Echo, which is something of a mystery in itself; as a fan of slow-burning, atmospheric and idea filled sci-fi, it's exactly what I'm after in a game, and as I know I'm not alone in that I hope more people don't pass it by. It looks like it could be something fairly special.