Echo Night Beyond

Cult Classics: PlayStation 2

Part 5: Horror, bugs, puzzles and anger.

It is finished! Part five of the PlayStation 2 Cult Classics brings us to the end of our five-part journey [practically five-year -Ed] through one of the most extensive and enjoyable back catalogues in the history of console gaming. If you missed out on the others, check out parts one, two, three and four, and if you can't find something in there worth playing over a dull weekend, you're probably on the wrong website. Breathing the wrong air.

Echo Night: Beyond

Echo Night: Beyond

In space, everybody can hear you scream like a girl and keel over.

Most Haunted surprised us all a couple of years back by being one of those rare breakouts from cable television's dirge of bored housewife programming. At its zenith it took a slouching nation on a couch-driven gawk-thru of Britain's spookiest spots with a presentational style bordering the right side of rampant hysteria. Watching Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah scream in terror if so much as a floorboard creaked or a badger snuffled was a testament to non-event TV everywhere.

Sadly, that kind of staged frenzy can only power the ever-failing promise of actual spiritual emanations for so long. Derek's camp interaction with Ethiopian spirit guide Sam aside, the lack of actual ghosts wasn't going to convince more than the brain dead that the show was anything but a big pile of rubbish all along.

Now, if they'd only gotten Richard Osmond in, respect would be due. This man probably bathes in ectoplasm, such is his susceptibility to a good haunting or two. He's plagued by ghosts and he's got the Most Haunted overreaction style down pat: spending more than thirty seconds in the company of a see-through dead person is enough to give the poor fellow nothing less than a fatal heart attack.

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