EA Sports Cricket 07

Cricket 07

Cricket 07

EA Canada delivers a no-ball.

Sigh, a good walk ruined. Oh, hang on, that's the other one. Ah, the comforting sound of leather on willow, long shadows on cricket grounds, warm beer, invincible green suburbs, dog lovers and pools fillers and, as George Orwell said, 'Old maids bicycling to holy communion through the morning mist'. And Freddie Flintoff going to the Prime Minister's house while shitfaced live on telly, and Girls Aloud playing at the Twenty20 final (which is easily the best thing that ever happened to the sport). Yep, cricket, the nation's favourite sport last summer (and maybe still, what with the terrible rugby results over the weekend and Steve McClaren's uninspiring performance as coach of the England football team).

But while cricket is still just about hanging on to the wave of popularity that engulfed it after England won the Ashes in 2005, EA's Cricket is still just about hanging on to the Byzantine inaccessibility that stopped most people from enjoying the last one. Which means it's especially forbidding for people like me, whose dalliances with cricket are confined to a position on my primary school's cricket team (as scorer) and owning one of Graham Gooch's old bats (located under my stairs).

See, Cricket 07 is pretty much business as usual for EA's sequel-making machinery. The company's evolutionary approach to making sequels means that the game is still probably only of interest to people who enjoy programming satellite navigation systems using a harpsichord. Well, people who enjoy programming air traffic control systems using bagpipes anyway - it is slightly different.

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Cricket 07 this November

Analogue batting, more.

Electronic Arts has announced Cricket 07 for PS2 and PC will be released in November - and in the meantime it's keeping some dirt in its pocket to shine up a new shot system to allow for more versatile batting.