EA Sports Active 2.0


VideoEurogamer vs. The Olympian

Victoria Pendleton puts EGTV's fitness to the test on EA Sports Active 2.

EA Sports Active 2

Which format is fittest?

VideoCelebs play EA Sports Active 2

Don't shoot the Messenger.

EA Sports Active 2

EA Sports Active 2

Which format is fittest?

Publishers can wheel out as many fitness experts or frightful ex-popstars as they like that alone cannot disguise the fact that building fitness requires weeks and months of serious effort and determination.

The original EA Sports Active

understood this implicitly, mixing an impressive range of exercise techniques within a structure cleverly designed to keep you motivated when every fibre of your being was screaming "TAKEAWAY ON THE SOFA".

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EA unveils NFL Training game for Wii

EA unveils NFL Training game for Wii

Part of the EA Sports Active family.

EA wants to train the next generation of American Football stars with EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp.

The game was announced for Wii with a release date of 16th November. However, EA mentioned that Training Camp will be a part of the EA Sports Active 2 suite of games being developed for Kinect, PS3 and iPod Touch.

Made with the help of real-life NFL coaches, Training Camp has 70 drills and challenges to improve strength, power and conditioning. Your reactions and "first-step quickness" will also get better, apparently, as will your "skills".

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EA Sports Active heading to PS3

2.0 also for iPhone and Wii this autumn.

EA has officially announced EA Sports Active 2.0 for iPhone, PS3 and Wii and said it will be released this autumn.