Dynasty Warriors 8

It may be called Dynasty Warriors 8, but as Tony Coles remarked in our review, the latest instalment in Tecmo Koei's series of beat-'em-up games is actually something like the 478th to combine the historical fantasy of Romance of the Three Kingdoms with running around a field volleying horses and charging up an attack meter.

Dynasty Warriors 8 review

Dynasty Warriors 8 review

A feudal good men.

"8" seems like such a small number when you consider that this new Dynasty Warriors game is really something like the 35th title in its lineage. Tecmo Koei's massive battle series is an unsung hero of the middle tier, proving that a fanbase can sustain a vibrant bloodline throughout an entire console generation without having to compromise its central values and peculiarities.

Dynasty Warriors 8 is still very much about en-masse historical fisticuffs, where thousands of units take part in battles, the flow of which you are superhumanly capable of influencing, and thanks to a few changes - a new weapon system, new combo specials, better visuals and an intriguing new "Ambition" mode - it will continue to serve those fans very well.

Then again, that kind of loyalty can be a double-edged sword. It hasn't prevented Dynasty Warriors' developers from trying new things, but it does mean they rarely think about tidying themselves up for new players.

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