Dying Light (cancelled) News

Dying Light no longer a PS3 and 360 game

"We have no choice but to leave past-gen systems behind."

Dying Light gets a January release date

Pre-orders include multiplayer DLC where you plays as a zombie.

Why isn't Dead Island 1 developer Techland making the sequel?

"Well, you know, we had our ups and downs."

Dead Island dev delays Dying Light until February 2015

PS3 and Xbox 360 versions still on the cards.

EGX | Dying Light and Frozen Endzone round out EGX Rezzed developer sessions

Schedule already includes Alien: Isolation, DayZ, Volume and loads more.

Dying Light video shows why night is bad news

Zombies' senses heighten, and so does their hunger.

Dying Light isn't another Dead Island, Techland promises

"We need to prove we have made a AAA game."

Dying Light developer Techland opens new studio in Vancouver

Headed by Prototype 2's technical director.