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Dungeons and Dragons Tactics

Another gem? Or plumbing new depths?

Whether you're one of those people who sneer at orcs and goblins, and scoff at bearded men who roll dice, or whether you're actually one of those bearded men (or, indeed, women), it's impossible to deny the far-reaching influence of Dungeons and Dragons. Without Dungeons and Dragons we'd still be stuck playing Space Invaders. We wouldn't be playing Zelda, or Final Fantasy, or Dragon Quest, or maybe even Deus Ex. We may not even have been introduced to Doom. And we certainly wouldn't have been able to play any of the magnificent officially licensed D&D videogames, from SSI's gold box series all the way up to Bioware's richly detailed narrative epics. And now, hopefully, up to Dungeons and Dragons Tactics, a turn-based strategy title for the PSP, created by Kuju Entertainment.

FeatureDungeons & Dragons: Tactics

We chat with the game's Dungeon Master.

Dungeons & Dragons is a brand synonymous with the PC, providing the role-playing genre with the inspiration for some of the finest games ever made. It's unashamedly "beardy" and reduces grown men to babbling wrecks spouting nonsense about dice rolls and saving throws. "Argh, you caught me flat-footed!"