Dungeons & Dragons Online: The Demon Sands News

Subscription MMOs aren't dying, says LOTRO maker Turbine

It's those games with one way to pay that "probably" are.

DDO to go free-to-play in Europe

EU players to get Ł40 to spend in Store.

DDO third-biggest MMO in the US

Ony RuneScape, WOW are bigger - survey.

Codemasters retains LOTRO Europe

Turbine's new owner Warner co-operating.

D&D Online revenues up 500 per cent

Free-to-play response "phenomenal".

D&D Online relaunch a success

Free-to-play model making money.

DDO level cap raised, features added

Module 9 "only the beginning" for 2009.

LOTRO developer cuts staff post-Moria

QA and support jobs lost at Turbine.

LOTRO to get social network site this year

Facebook-style profiles with friends, vids.

Turbine developing console game

LOTRO dev using funding well.

Turbine gets USD 40 million funding

LOTRO developer to announce plans soon.