Dungeon Siege III Features

FeatureYour fondest Obsidian game memories

"My favourite was shooting Darcy in the bollocks."

FeatureRummaging through Obsidian's drawer of game ideas

Star Wars! Snow White! Prey 2! Warhammer 40K! "There's tons of them."

FeatureCheap This Week - 20/07/11

GTA 4 Episodes! GRID! Killzone 2!

FeatureReinventing Dungeon Siege

Obsidian on pulling a neglected RPG into the present.

FeatureDungeon Siege III

Ehb and flow.

FeatureDungeon Siege III: More stable than New Vegas

Rich Taylor talks stability, loot and multiple platforms.

Dungeon Siege III

Sieging is believing.

FeatureDungeon Siege III

Between the Diablo and the deep blue sea.