Dungeon of the Endless

Early Access games done right

Some of the games that deliver on their promises.

Dungeon of the Endless, Subnautica - quite a lot of Early Access video games start with spaceships in flames, hurtling artfully towards strange planets, bound for tales of peril and survival. Possibly this is just the best way to kick off a narrative that will involve crafting and permadeath, two of this era's greatest loves. Partly, though, it seems a tacit acknowledgement of how so many people feel about Early Access in general - that it is the place where bright promise burns up, where landing sites become graves.

Endless Space dev announces 4x strategy prequel Endless Legend

Endless Space dev announces 4x strategy prequel Endless Legend

And the roguelike tower-defense hybrid Dungeon of the Endless.

Endless Space developer Amplitude Studios has announced that it will be making two more titles in what we'll now call the Endless series, with 4x strategy prequel Endless Legend and roguelike tower-defense game Dungeon of the Endless.

Due next spring on PC, Endless Legend will be most familiar to fans of the indie studio's previous outing as it's another 4x strategy affair, meaning players will explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate a civilization, only this time in a fantasy setting.

You'll play as one of eight civilizations in both single and multiplayer as you must survive through increasingly harsh climates, striving to discover the secret behind the increasingly long winters on your planet, Auriga.

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