Dungeon Defenders News

Trendy cancels Dungeon Defenders Vita

Diverts resources to unannounced project.

Epic aims for Samaritan quality visuals in Flash

Unreal Engine 4 is "blowing people's socks off.

Dungeon Defenders racks up 1m sales

Strategy RPG besieges gamers' wallets.

Dungeon Defenders PC DLC not coming to console

Blame "the realities of the console world".

Dungeon Defenders, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath head PlayStation Store update

HD remakes of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus out now.

Xbox Live chart: COD sees off FIFA, Gears, Forza

While Dungeon Defenders takes XBLA crown.

Dungeon Defenders PSN no-show explained

Meanwhile, 200,000 Steam downloads racked up.

Where's Dungeon Defenders PSN?

It is coming, says Sony.

Dungeon Defenders release date

Out on PC and XBLA next month.

Epic: NGP perfect for Gears-style game

Is "in the same class as PlayStation 3".

Epic: PSP2/NGP 4x any other "portable"

Update: demos 100% real-time - Rein.