Driver: San Francisco News

Driver: San Francisco dev reportedly working on a racing game called The Crew

Studio to announce new game at E3. Co-production with ex-Test Drive devs?

PS3 Essentials arrive today on PlayStation Network priced 16 or 10

Not to be confused with Waitrose Essentials of course.

Ubisoft wants to offer PC gamers so much value the need for DRM "goes away"

"Will the person who really wants that broad experience pirate? We hope not."

Driver: San Francisco sales were "better than planned"

Ubisoft outstrips its financial targets.

Online Pass nets EA $10-$15m

Revenues "haven't been dramatic".

Free Driver: San Francisco content coming

Plus, Driver Club community portal.

Ubisoft scraps Driver's online pass fee

Uplay Passport codes printed incorrectly.

PC Driver: San Fran "wasn't held back"

Console code-base meant "natural delay".

UK Top 40: Deus Ex deflects Driver: SF

Bodycount bungles into 36th.

Driver dev thinking about next-gen now

1080p 60fps should be a "mandate".

Driver dev defends Ubi DRM, online pass

PC piracy "utterly unbelievable".

Out This Week - 02/09/11

Driver! Bodycount! Mortal Kombat!

Notch wades into Ubisoft DRM debate

Always-on internet "encourages piracy".

Ubisoft tweaks controversial Driver DRM

Always-on internet ditched, sort of.

Making Driver: San Francisco 60FPS

Reflections' virtual city and fixing bugs.

PC Driver: San Francisco delayed

New UK release date revealed.

EU PlayStation Store update 10th August

Resistance 3 beta! El Shaddai, Driver demos!

Ubisoft announces huge EG Expo line-up

Assassin's! Driver! Ghost Recon! Rayman!

Ubisoft: DRM strategy is a "success"

Always-on internet sees off piracy.

Driver PC: always-on internet required

Uplay unlocks "bonus features".

Ubisoft Uplay Passport costs 7.99

Unlocks online play, bonus content.

Ubisoft confirms online pass

Uplay Passport to cost $9.99.

Ubisoft readying online pass - report

Uplay Passport to launch with Driver: SF.

Driver: San Francisco release date

September launch for Ubisoft reboot.

Driver: San Francisco out this September

PS3 Child of Eden out before July.

Staff laid-off at Ubisoft Reflections

Driver studio feels the pinch.

Driver delayed for extra polish

Ubi sees it as first foothold in racing genre.

Ubisoft delays Ghost Recon and Driver

H.A.W.X. 2 and R.U.S.E. below expectations.

Ubisoft Eurogamer Expo line-up revealed

Driver! Creed Brotherhood! Rabbids!

R.U.S.E. and H.A.W.X. 2 firmly dated

Driver: San Francisco due out Q1 2011.

Ubisoft delays new Driver game

Splinter Cell: Conviction sells loads.

Driver: San Francisco dated for the UK

Shift yourself to the shops in November.

Driver Collector's Ed has yellow toy car

That and other bits for 70.

Driver: San Francisco out this year

For PC/PS3/360. Plus separate Wii ver.

New Driver to be shown at E3

Ubisoft also showing AC Brotherhood.

Ubisoft registers AC and Driver domains

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood? Driver SF?

Ubi trademarks Driver: The Recruit

Could an announcement be imminent?

Ubisoft doing "new version" of Driver

Looks like it might be more cartoony.