Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

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Dreamfall Chapters will be a single-player adventure game for PC and Mac

Ragnar Tornquist wants to fund it via Kickstarter.

A brand new instalment in The Longest Journey adventure series was announced last week: Dreamfall Chapters. The Longest Journey creator Ragnar Tornquist is in charge and he'll make the game at his new studio Red Thread Games. He'll also remain at Funcom overseeing the MMO he fathered, The Secret World.

Dreamfall Chapters: a new Longest Journey game by Ragnar Tornquist

He's departed Funcom to found own studio.

Update: Funcom's been in touch to clarify that Ragnar Tornquist is still very much an employee. He didn't leave to start his new company Red Thread Games: he established the company separately to get Dreamfall Chapters into pre-production. He'll combine this role with his creative director role on The Secret World for the foreseeable future.

The Longest Journey is my favourite game. It's not the best game ever made. It's not the best-written, although it's up there. It certainly isn't the best example of an adventure game. But it's the game that most touched me - a game that literally changed my life. It changed how I think, an aspect of how my imagination works, and my philosophy. I'm not sure what higher praise could be offered.

Funcom "tinkers" on new Longest Journey

Continuation "absolutely" possible - Tornquist.

Before MMOs - before The Secret World, before Age of Conan and before Anarchy Online - Funcom was known for superb PC adventure game The Longest Journey.

Dreamfall demo

Finally available.

If you've been waiting a hefty eight months for Funcom to release a demo for Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, then your wait is finally over.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Preaching to the converted.

Videogames can be brash affairs, with their guns and cars and tits and stuff. Pop culture entertainment and big name brands bound together with startling technical wizardry and graphics-as-porn. Forty quid gets you 15 hours of in-your-face fun. Have some of that, you monkeys!

Some games - adventures games if I'm to get to a point - sit outside this world of in-your-face entertainment. Adventure games need to have a confident style, rich character and intelligent storytelling if they're going to make an impact in a world where bigger guns make a game better than the last. And while many fans look back at the good old days of point and click adventure games as a golden era, titles such as Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, Bone and Fahrenheit have all delivered enough wit, kookiness and charisma to prove they're just as relevant to this generation as the past. There are not enough developers (or publishers, for that matter) willing to take the risk on this sort of game, but that's a different story.

To its credit, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey pulls off the style and narrative demands of the adventure genre with flair. The story is strong, and it unfolds, twists and develops at a welcome pace. Conversations with the inhabitants of the worlds are meaty but never overwhelming. Ten minutes of chat isn't laborious, but insightful and intriguing. This sequel to the much fawned over PC adventure, confusingly titled The Longest Journey, will be a welcome return for those that succumbed to the charms of the original game six long years ago. With three playable characters and contrasting worlds to explore, Dreamfall has a deep story to sink into.

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Dreamfall to be sold online

Thanks to Softwrap tech.

Funcom's planning to hop on the digital distribution bandwagon and flog Dreamfall: The Longest Journey through its website.

Longest Journey sequel coming

Longest Journey sequel coming

Dreamfall to launch next month.

Empire Interactive has announced that the long awaited sequel to point-and-click adventure The Longest Journey will be released for PC and Xbox next month.

Titled Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, the game will let you choose from three different playable characters - "smart and streetwise" Zoe Castillo, rebellious type April Ryan and Kian, a "mysterious and exotic assassin." Each character has their own unique playing style and set of abilities.

There are also three different worlds to explore. Stark is basically the Earth of the future, and you'll get to visit a variety of locations across a range of continents. Arcadia is a fantasy realm, complete with all manner of magic and weird creatures, and The Winter is described as "a mystical place outside of the boundaries of time and space, where a sinister black house holds a terrifying secret."

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Funcom announces Dreamfall

Funcom announces Dreamfall

Government backed sequel to The Longest Journey.

Funcom has this week announced that its is developing a follow-up to The Longest Journey called Dreamfall, and that the game will be unveiled in detail at this year's E3 trade convention in Los Angeles. It should be out in time for Christmas 2005.

Set in the 23rd Century, Dreamfall stars a young lady who stumbles upon a conspiracy related to dreams, which could destroy the twin worlds of science and magic. Realising she's in over her head, she seeks assistance from none other than April Ryan, the heroine of The Longest Journey.

"We're making a game that can be enjoyed equally by fans of the first game and new players," says game director and writer Ragnar Tørnquist. "In 'Dreamfall', we are expanding the scope of the adventure genre to include action elements that will allow us to tell an even more involving, exciting, and surprising story."

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