Dreamcast Collection

Dreamcast Collection

Dreamcast Collection

Cast-iron classics?

There are two ways to go with re-release compilations. Either you create a Director's Cut and enthusiastically tart up the games, adding never-before-seen content, next-generation sheen and, you know, a widescreen option - or you leave them pretty much exactly as they were and try to make up for it with extremely nice packaging (a la the recent Mario 25 bundle).

Neither of these approaches have been adopted when it comes to the Dreamcast Collection. The four games on the disc – Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5 Part 2, SEGA Bass Fishing and Sonic Adventure – are unchanged since their original releases a decade or so ago, and largely unoptimised.

The box looks like should house the unwanted multi-game disc in an Xbox 360 bundle circa 2007. The menu screen, such as it is, is a static background with four low-res logos on it, accompanied by the appallingly mixed, unequalised theme music from each.

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Dreamcast Collection detailed

And the games included are…

SEGA's Dreamcast Collection will release for the PC, Xbox 360 and as a PC digital download on 25th February in Europe, 22nd February in North America and 24th February in Australia.