Drawn: Dark Flight

Drawn: Dark Flight

Drawn: Dark Flight


Sometimes, a game gets by on its character alone. That was the case with last year's Drawn: The Painted Tower, an unassuming little point-and-click adventure which might have passed you by. It was hampered by some unfortunate puzzles, a dreadful hints system and a slight lack of variety, but it exuded something special.

The same is true of its follow-up, Dark Flight. But in the year since the first game, something remarkable has happened. Drawn's developers have not just maintained the spectacular, magical ambiance of their low-key original, but expanded upon it to a truly wondrous degree. And, most impressively, they've also fixed just about every problem I had with The Painted Tower. The result is that I've spent the past week giddily pestering everyone to play it. Seriously, oh my goodness, play it.

Dark Flight isn't perfect, by any means. Like its predecessor, it's very short (I clocked around five hours), some might say it's too easy, and the ending arrives with an awkward abruptness and, frustratingly, a "To be continued..." message. But it's telling that my reaction was to become excited about the inevitable sequel rather than scream unpleasantries at the monitor.

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