Dragon's Dogma Videos

Digital FoundryDragon's Dogma Xbox 360: 720p vs. 1080p Tearing Analysis Video

Do Capcom's MT Framework games really tear more badly with the dash set to full HD?

Digital FoundryDragon's Dogma Xbox 360/PS3 Comparison Video

Screen tear on Xbox 360 impacts image quality in this head-to-head video.

Digital FoundryDragon's Dogma Combat Performance Video

Frame-rate tests of the Capcom RPG on PS3 and 360 during intense combat and boss fights.

Digital FoundryDragon's Dogma Cut-Scene Performance Video

Like-for-like scenes analysed in the Xbox 360 and PS3 version's of Dragon's Dogma.

Digital FoundryDragon's Dogma Traversal Performance Video

Capcom's MT Framework RPG compared on 360 and PS3 as the player moves from location to location.

VideoDragon's Dogma - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer explores Capcom's massive new RPG.

VideoDragon's Dogma demo gameplay footage

Eurogamer tries Capcom's new role-player.

VideoNew Dragon's Dogma pawn footage

Up your follower count.

VideoFresh Dragon's Dogma gameplay

Hydras! Gryphons! Dragons! Monarchy!

VideoDragon's Dogma shows pawn gameplay

Sidekick mechanic explained.

VideoBeefy Dragon's Dogma gameplay video

Capcom's console Monster Hunter.

VideoDragon's Dogma Chimera fight gameplay

Capcom shows off new demon slaying.